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Why Vegan Skin Care is the Best Choice for Your Beauty Needs

Vegan skin care products are all the rage nowadays, but do they live up to the hype? In some cases, it turns out that they do. With that being said, not all skincare products and beauty products are created equal. Some contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that might seem okay initially but could create detrimental effects down the road. Vegan skin care products tend to be different. Made with simple, natural ingredients that are cruelty-free and free from animal derivatives, vegan skin care products are better for you and better for our furry friends. 

While it’s nice to hear trendy buzzwords like “vegan skin care products,” more important is the “why” behind using them: why are vegan skin care products better for you, your skin, and your beauty efforts? We’ll break it down for you below. 

What Does it Mean for Skincare to be Vegan?

Why Vegan Skin Care is the Best Choice for Your Beauty Needs

This is the perfect place to start. When most people think of veganism, they think of not eating meat and more importantly, not eating any animal byproducts. Through that lens, all skincare products would be vegan, right? Wrong. Just because your skincare products don’t contain meat, eggs, and/or dairy doesn’t mean they are vegan.

Vegan skin care products are those that do not have any ingredients that come from animals. That means the following ingredients, among others, are off limits:

  • Beeswax (comes from bees)
  • Shellac (resinous excretion of the Lac insect)
  • Animal Glycerin (derived from tallow or animal fat. Note that vegetable glycerin is vegan.)
  • Guanine (derived from fish scales)
  • Lanolin (comes from sheep)
  • Retinol (harvested from animal byproducts)
  • Casein (primary protein found in milk)
  • Collagen (derived from animal bones, skin, and connective tissue)
  • Carmine (comes from crushed cochineal insects)
  • Oleic Acid (aka oleyl stearate, oleyl oleate, or tallow)
  • Squalene (derived from shark liver oil)

These are all common cosmetic ingredients that you may find in many commercial skin care and beauty products. While they may not be harmful to your skin (depending on the type of skin you have), they are derived from animal sources, which makes them non-vegan.  There are many vegan alternatives to these ingredients, some of which you’ll find in vegan-friendly skin care products from brands like Malie.

Benefits of Vegan Skin Care Products

Why Vegan Skin Care is the Best Choice for Your Beauty Needs

The mission of all skin care is to promote healthy skin; vegan skin care products do that with simple, good-for-you ingredients. The basic makeup of vegan skincare products is that they are formulated with natural beauty in mind. The goal is to heal your skin to the point that you use fewer beauty products to cover up, allowing your true beauty to shine through. Vegan skin care products do this in a number of ways. These products are made with:

  • No Animal Products. This is the first and most important rule of veganism in skin care: all products must be made without the use of animals. That means directly avoiding animal products as well as animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, carmine, collagen, and many of the others listed above. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly and humane way to produce skincare, but it may also offer several other benefits.
  • Gentle, Natural Ingredients. One of the major draws of vegan skin care products is that the ingredients are often gentler on the skin. Some people do fine with non-vegan ingredients, but others have negative reactions such as skin irritations and allergies. Eliminating these products reduces the risk of these side effects and may deliver a better skin care and beauty regimen overall.
  • Cruelty-Free Ingredients. This is a major factor in vegan cosmetics and skin care products. These products are made without animal testing throughout the entirety of their development and production. The cruelty-free stamp of approval prioritizes ethical considerations for all living beings, animals included. You can feel better about the skincare products you’re using knowing that animals have never been subjected to being test subjects. 
  • Environmentally Friendly Components. Vegan skin care products focus on sustainability and a healthier planet. Animal agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. By choosing vegan skin care and beauty products, you can do your part to support a more eco-friendly approach to skincare.
  • Fewer or No Chemicals. The avoidance of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates is one of the cornerstones of vegan skincare. While these ingredients are not necessarily non-vegan, they may come with less-than-ideal health implications when used long term. Why risk it? Going with natural alternatives that are equally effective is simply a better choice.

The Best Vegan Skin Care Ingredients

Why Vegan Skin Care is the Best Choice for Your Beauty Needs

Now before you go buying any and all skin care products labeled “vegan,” it is important to have a basic understanding of what ingredients to look for. Just because a face firming cream or a toner is labeled vegan, that does not automatically make it good or effective. The best vegan skin care products for your beauty routine will contain vital ingredients, some of which may include:

  • Jojoba Oil. Lightweight and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), jojoba oil closely resembles the skin’s natural oil. This helps moisturize, balance oil production, and soothe dry or irritated skin without adding anything unnecessary. 
  • Green Tea Extract. Rich in antioxidants, green tea may help fight free radicals and protect the skin’s barrier. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which may be soothing and calming.
  • Aloe Vera. Derived from the aloe plant, this gooey substance helps moisturize and calm skin while promoting healing. People often use it as a natural remedy to help with sunburns, but it can be equally useful for inflammation and sensitive or irritated skin. 
  • Rosehip Seed Oil. With vitamins A, C, and E, rosehip seed oil may be a vital regenerative skin agent. Its potential ability to improve skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, and promote skin cell renewal makes it one of the most frequently used ingredients for anti-aging in vegan skin care products. 
  • Shea Butter. This rich emollient deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin to help improve elasticity, soothe dryness and irritation, and promote a healthier skin barrier.

The beauty of vegan skin care lines like Malie is that you can use an entire product line from start to finish. This is essential in beauty and skin care, as it means you won’t have to switch between manufacturers and risk variance or side effects. Keeping everything under one vegan skin care brand simplifies your routine and may benefit the overall health of your skin. What’s more, you can trust the integrity of a brand that proudly stands behind their all-vegan, cruelty-free seal. Companies that have made this commitment understand the power that natural ingredients can offer. 

Nature is powerful and plant science is cutting-edge. Why not use it to our (and your) benefit? With potent Hawaiian botanicals as the foundation of every Malie product, we combine plant science with the time-honored traditions of local artisans to bring consumers vegan skin care creams, serums, moisturizers, cleansing polishes, clay masks, and eye creams that actually work.

All Malie products are cruelty-free and formulated with pure ingredients that are safe for your skin, body, and the environment. Vegan skin care can be beautiful. Explore our wide range of vegan skin care products when you shop directly on our website. For any questions, we encourage you to contact us today.

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