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Celebrating Hawaii With 10 Authentic Hawaiian Gift Ideas

Do you love Hawaii? How could you not? This conglomerate of islands is known for its beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, rich culture, and natural beauty. People come from all over the world to experience the magic of Hawaii. Wouldn’t it be amazing to share a special piece of it with them in gift form?

Do a quick internet search for Hawaiian gift ideas and you’ll find no shortage of options. From aloha shirts to Kukui nut necklaces, there are plenty of Hawaiian gift ideas. The most meaningful and impressive Hawaiian gifts, however, will be the ones that are the most authentic. Made with natural ingredients and drawing from the native elements of Hawaii, the best gifts will bring you back to the islands and help you recapture the serenity you experienced while there.

This gift guide features a range of Hawaiian gift ideas, including Hawaiian beauty products, gift sets, traditional Hawaiian products, and more.

1. Lauhala Products

Made from pandanus leaves, lauhala products are native to Hawaii. Lau means “leaf” in Hawaiian and refers to the hala tree leaves. Common lauhala products include hats, bags, baskets, and mats, but this material can essentially be used to create just about anything. This makes it incredibly versatile and special to get as a gift. Lauhala products showcase traditional Hawaiian weaving techniques and infuse the true essence of the islands in any gift. 

2. Hawaiian Beauty Products

Celebrating Hawaii With 10 Authentic Hawaiian Gift Ideas

One of the best Hawaiian gifts you could give is that of Hawaiian beauty secrets. If you’re looking to encapsulate the best of Hawaii in the form of skincare, there’s no better way to do it than with a skincare gift set from a Hawaiian-based skincare company like Malie. Inspired by paradise and powered by science, Malie uses cutting-edge plant science as our guide for handcrafting luxurious products that capture the essence of the Hawaiian tropics. This allows you or the recipient of your gift to experience a hint of paradise no matter where you are in the world. 

Our Hawaiian gift sets are formulated with cruelty-free, natural ingredients that promote well-being from all angles. Our gift sets come in a variety of heavenly scents including mango nectar, koke’e, plumeria, coconut vanilla, and pikake. Explore a range of Hawaiian beauty secrets in every box. Products include beauty oils, body creams, body glosses, cream soaps, and more. Not only will these Hawaiian beauty products feel luxurious on your skin, but their aromas will transport you straight back to vacation. 

3. Hawaiian Jewelry

Jewelry makes a great gift no matter where you’re traveling from, but Hawaii is known for its handcrafted pieces. Consider giving Hawaiian jewelry as a souvenir from your trip or holding onto it until a special occasion arises. People who appreciate artisanal work will be especially impressed by pieces made from materials such as black coral, mother-of-pearl, and koa wood.   

For those who want to really embody the essence of a Hawaiian gift, kukui nut necklaces could be the perfect choice. Symbolizing enlightenment and protection, kukui nut necklaces make meaningful accessories. Giving one of these as a gift to someone who has visited Hawaii in the past is a fantastic way to show that you honor the time-tested tradition of this necklace and the connection the individual had to their time on the islands.

4. Island Ambiance Gift Set

Celebrating Hawaii With 10 Authentic Hawaiian Gift Ideas

There’s nothing quite like the scent of Hawaii to instantly transport you back to easy, breezy, carefree times. The Island Ambiance Gift Set from Malie can do just that. It may not always be possible to jet off to Hawaii at a moment’s notice, but this is the next best thing. The exotic aromas of the Islands will transport the person receiving this gift into a state of fragrant bliss. This Hawaiian gift set includes reed diffusers in plumeria, koke’e, and pikake’s scents. Plumeria offers a soft, sensual floral aroma. Koke’e embodies the islands’ lush greenery to present a clean, aromatic fragrance. Finally, pikake is Hawaiian jasmine, also known as the “flower of love.”  With each reed diffuser lasting 3-4 months, the person receiving this gift will be plenty taken care of until they can venture back to Hawaii in person. 

5. Koa Wood Products

Another native product of Hawaii is koa wood. Valued for its beautiful grain and durability, koa wood is often used to make products such as bowls, picture frames, and ukuleles. Giving a ukulele as a gift may seem a bit extravagant, but if you know the person receiving it would appreciate it, why not go with the most authentic version? Hawaiian musical instruments like the ukulele are characteristic of Hawaiian culture. Bringing this into the life of a music lover could be a special way to combine the beauty of Hawaii with a thoughtful gift. 

6. Hawaiian Beauty & Hair Care Products

Celebrating Hawaii With 10 Authentic Hawaiian Gift Ideas

There’s something to be said for the natural beauty that comes from living in Hawaii. While you may not be able to replicate it completely without the serenity of the beach, the sun, and the sand, you can come pretty close with certain Hawaiian beauty and haircare products. Malie’s organic shampoos and conditioners present an organic Hawaiian hair care system like nothing you’ve ever seen. 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging, our shampoos and conditioners are designed to make hair look, feel, and smell like it’s fresh off the islands. Safe for all hair types including color-treated and sun-damaged hair, our products are Hawaiian beauty secrets in bottle form. They’re nourishing and hydrating to deliver the cleansing solutions your hair needs without weighing it down. 

Looking for a Hawaiian hair care product that’s not your typical shampoo and conditioner? We have that as well. Beauty oils make perfect Hawaiian gifts because of their all-in-one composition. They can be used to moisturize and nourish all skin types and can be a great asset for hydrating hair and minimizing frizz. Anyone who has ever spent time in the humidity of Hawaii knows how important this is. Available in plumeria, mango nectar, koke’e, coconut vanilla, and pikake, beauty oils take Hawaiian gifts and kick things up a notch.

7. Hawaiian Coffee 

A more commercially viable but equally special Hawaiian gift is Hawaiian Coffee. Sure, you can get coffee anywhere, but Hawaii is particularly known for the superior quality and complex flavor profiles of their Arabica coffee beans. Specific regions have different types of coffee, with the Big Island (Hawaii Island), Kona, Maui, and Kauai having the most noteworthy characteristics. Hawaiian coffee is a lovely gift for the coffee-lover in your life, as it brings one of the most important senses to the forefront: taste. Given travel restrictions and limited availability, there aren’t many authentic food and drink items you can give as gifts these days. Importing specialty coffee from some of the most well-known Hawaiian coffee regions is unique, different, and meaningful. 

8. Hawaiian Gifts for the Home

Make the home your own little Hawaiian oasis with authentic Hawaiian gifts. Hand soaps make easy yet special gifts. Great as housewarming gifts or as a simple “thank you,” naturally hydrating hand soaps that bring in the scents of Hawaii may be just what you’re looking for. Add this to your list of go-to gifts and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser no matter who is receiving it. 

Another wonderful Hawaiian gift for the home is a soy candle. Made from clean-burning waxes, Malie’s petroleum-free soy candles burn from a 100% cotton wick for up to 60 hours. The only ingredients in our candles are soy wax, a cotton wick, and fragrance oils. Cruelty-free, vegan, and free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicone, talc, and gluten, our candles are gifts you can feel good about giving. Plus they come in several scents including plumeria, pikake, mango nectar, coconut vanilla, pineapple, and koke’e.

9. Aloha Shirts

Hawaiian shirts, also referred to as aloha shirts, are classic Hawaiian gifts. There are many types of Hawaiian shirts these days, many of which are replicas of the original or authentic versions. Any type of aloha shirt would make a nice gift, but authentic Hawaiian shirts will be made from Hawaiian-founded companies. They will likely incorporate materials and methods from traditional Hawaiian artisans as an homage to the authenticity from which the style was founded. As a consumer, the best thing you can do is to research the brand ahead of time and explore their workplace and manufacturing practices. Beautiful all-over floral printed shirts exist everywhere but seeing a “Made in Hawaii” label gives you a better chance of getting the real deal. 

10. Hawaiian Quilts

Handcrafted authentic Hawaiian quilts can be exceptionally special gifts for those who appreciate Hawaiian culture. Quilting preceded the arrival of Western colonization of Hawaii. The original quilts were made from a material called Kapa, which is why you’ll sometimes hear Hawaiian quilts being referred to as Kapa quilts. The most famous Hawaiian quilt was made by Queen Liliuokalani and features a specific floral design. These days, Hawaiian quilts come in many varieties and patterns, some of which include pineapple prints. Consider giving a Hawaiian quilt as a Hawaiian gift to someone special in your life, especially if they have special ties to Hawaii. 

When giving gifts of any kind, the key is to make them heartfelt and meaningful. Think about the person receiving the gift. What are their preferences? What do they like? What could they use? What would they never purchase for themselves? Gifts are the perfect opportunity to give people something luxurious. Perhaps they don’t need the item, but that’s the best part about giving a gift!

For classic Hawaiian skincare and beauty products made from natural, high quality ingredients, shop Malie. We have home, skincare, beauty, hair care, and eco-friendly refill bottles all responsibly made with the environment and the planet in mind. Our products are organic, non-toxic, and created with authentic Hawaiian Hydrosols. Malie was built on a foundation of love and respect for the paradise that is Hawaii. Should you have any questions about our products, we encourage you to contact us today.  

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