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Pikake: All About This Enchanting Fragrance and Its Benefits

Soft, soothing, and fit for a princess, pikake is the love-inducing flower and fragrance you need in your  self-care routine. A Hawaiian classic, pikake has been bringing heavenly aromas to couples and individuals for hundreds of years. It’s now time to understand why this flower and the fragrance it emits are vital components of Hawaiian culture.

What is Pikake?


Colloquially known as Hawaiian jasmine or Arabian jasmine, pikake has been nicknamed the “flower of love” for its aphrodisiac and seductive qualities. Just one whiff of the flower and it’s easy to see why. As for its history and origin, the word “pikake” actually means peacock. It got its name from Princess Ka’iulani back in the 1800s when she named it after her beloved flock of peacocks.

The flower that is Jasminum sambac, as pikake is officially called, resembles a white rose. This small flower has an off-white/cream-colored hue, rounded petals, and blooms in soil grown in rich loam. Interestingly enough, there are four pikake flower varieties. The single flower pikake lahilahi is the most commercially available, but other variations include the semi double with elongated petals, the double-flowered rose, and the pikake pupupu, which is so compact that some mistake it for a white carnation. Regardless of the variety, this flower favors hot, humid weather conditions, making Hawaii the ideal location for its cultivation.

What Does Pikake Smell Like?

To capture the true aromatic fragrance of Pikake is somewhat of a gift in and of itself. The pikake fragrance smells like traditional jasmine but with a bit more sweetness, body, and richness. The main aromas are citrus and greens, with mid notes of tuberose and jasmine sprinkled in. The musk base rounds out the pikake perfume to deliver a seductive floral experience that anyone can enjoy. One of the best ways to describe this aroma is to say that it smells like Hawaii. It encompasses the beauty of the culture mixed with the natural flora that can be experienced throughout all of the islands.

Benefits of Pikake

Pikake symbolizes romance and love, which makes its benefits more or less apparent for couples looking to ignite their romantic fire. Aside from being an aphrodisiac, the pikake fragrance is also associated with stimulating self-confidence and diminishing fear.

When used in skin, health, and wellness products, pikake is designed to help restore an element of freshness and a natural sense of dewiness to the skin. Plus, with its relaxing citrus/jasmine-heavy musk, there’s no way people using pikake products won’t feel instantly at ease. What better way to relieve stress than with a soothing and sultry pikake  body cream, or a pikake eau de parfum ?

Indulge in the heavenly aroma of pikake with Malie. Made with natural and organic ingredients, Malie is proud to offer premium pikake beauty products to all of Hawaii and beyond. Our products are proudly made in the USA and are inspired by paradise. Experience pikake for yourself when you shop with Malie today!

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