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Made from organic, botanical ingredients for all hair types!

Rich, organic and hydrating body luxuries that leave your skin silky soft with a beautiful glow.  

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Organic Luxe Spa Box Featuring 4 Must-Have Beauty Treats!

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Powered by plant science, organic and fragrance-free.

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Transform your space into a tropical paradise with Hawaiian Aromatherapy.

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Send a little tropical getaway to your loved ones and yourself! 

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'Iolani Palace Maile Collection

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Tropical scents, locally-sourced from wild-crafted ingredients. 

Perfume - Scents of Hawai'i

Bring the dreamy aromas of Hawaii wherever you go! Choose your perfect scent from our range of roll-on and spray-on perfumes inspired by the flora of the islands. Shop a complete selection of perfumes built on unignorable notes of plumeria, pikake, mango and more.
Malie perfume fragrances are so authentically Hawaiian because Hawaii-sourced ingredients are the foundation of each one.

Natural island botanicals are combined with organic components and other ingredients to create fragrances that carry you to Hawaii’s sandy beaches every time you close your eyes.

The scents are just strong enough to be unmistakable without being overpowering. That makes all of them ideal for both daytime and nighttime use.

These indulgent fragrances are also entirely guilt-free. As vegan products, they contain no animal parts or byproducts. They are never tested on animals. They are also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, and gluten.

These perfumes can be layered with other Malie beauty products to create enthrallingly complex scents and longer results. Try adding Malie beauty oils or body creams to enhance the effects of your favorite fragrance.

All perfumes are conveniently shaped and sized to travel in a purse or clutch.

Questions about our perfumes? See the FAQs below for answers to common questions, or contact us to learn more about any of our products.

Perfume FAQs

What scents smell like Hawaii?

Hawai’i is known for its lush tropical scents thanks to all the amazing botanicals that grow there. Hawai’i smells like plumeria and pikake, the beautiful flora that grow all over the islands. It also smells like the sweet and luscious fruits you can find throughout like mango, coconut and pineapple. If you are lucky enough to visit the breathtaking rainforests of Hawai’i, like Koke’e, you will experience the aroma of fresh, crisp greens.

Is perfume oil better than perfume?

Perfume oil and perfume are two different types of fragrances, and it depends on personal preference as to which one is better. Perfume oil includes additional natural ingredients like sunflower oil, kukui nut oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil – these botanical oils can make for a more subtle scent than perfume, but also feel amazing on the skin. Perfume oil is also rolled onto the skin whereas perfume is sprayed. Last, perfume oil is in a smaller bottle so it is easy to throw into a purse or bag and take everywhere with you.

What lasts longer, perfume or perfume oil?

Eau De Parfum lasts longer because it does not have the extra oils added so you get a stronger aroma. Eau de parfum lasts about 4-6 hours and perfume oil lasts about 1-3 hours. To make either scent stronger you can layer with other beauty products like body cream or beauty oil.

What is perfume oil used for?

Perfume oil is used to add a pleasant scent to one’s body. It can also be used to uplift your mood or as a quick escape to paradise.

How do you apply perfume oil?

You simply roll the oil directly onto your skin. You can apply to your neck, wrists, behind your ears and decolletage then reapply as needed.