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    A luxurious showering experience that leaves hair smooth, clean and smelling amazing all day!

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    Made from organic, botanical ingredients for all hair types!

    Rich, organic and hydrating body luxuries that leave your skin silky soft with a beautiful glow.  

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    Organic Luxe Spa Box Featuring 4 Favorites!



    Powered by plant science, organic and fragrance-free.

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    Transform your space into a tropical paradise with Hawaiian Aromatherapy.

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    island ambiance mist
    (linen & room spray)

    Send a little tropical getaway to your loved ones and yourself! 

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    Tropical scents, locally-sourced from wild-crafted ingredients. 


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    Shipping, FAQ's & Special Offers
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    Powered by plant science, organic and fragrance-free.

    what it is: A blend of 100% pure Jasmine and Rose Hydrosols – delicate botanical waters that capture every element of the plant and the truest essence of the flower for an amazing aromatherapeutic blend.

    what it does: Rose and Jasmine’s mild astringent properties reduce the appearance of pores, helps to cleanse skin and minimizes oil throughout the day. This natural skin toner helps to neutralize your skin while soothing redness and skin irritation. The heavenly floral blend helps to lift mood, calm stress and enhance your sense of beauty.

    how to use: Mist as a toner to neutralize skin and remove residual oils, preparing skin for hydration. Can be used to set makeup or refresh and hydrate the skin throughout the day. Spray in hair to revitalize curls, control frizz and enhance your state of mind with its aromatherapy essence.

    who it’s for: For skin of all ages and all skin types.

    • 50 ml / 1.7 oz
    • Fragrance-Free
    • Cruelty-Free & Vegan
    • Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, alcohol, PEGs, and gluten. Artificial free.

    70% organic ingredients: Pure Jasmine & Rose Hydrosol 

    Malie Organics' BotanyBeauty Collection is an organic, fragrance-free skin care line powered by the best plant science available! Plants share the same building blocks as our skin while containing free radical fighting antioxidants and hydrating emollients we all need for optimal, healthy aging skin. Age defying active ingredients can all be extracted from plants without the need for chemicals, which damage the skin. Malie Organics' BotanyBeauty Collection uses these potent plant ingredients, which are blended with essential oils from flowers and herbs that the skin naturally absorbs, creating beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.

    After years of experience creating nature’s purest luxury products based on the exquisite essences of Hawaiian flora and fauna, Malie's newest collection offers clean skin care with recognizable ingredients. We all know that eating foods rich in antioxidants and plant based essential fatty acids is an important part of a long healthy life. Give your skin the ultimate wellness with the power of plant science in Malie Organics' BotanyBeauty Collection, a full skin care regimen that will become a daily indulgence for your skin. 

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