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Luxury Candles For Every Occasion: Scents You'll Love

If you’re on the hunt for a simple and easy way to bring a little more opulence into your everyday life, luxury candles are the way to go. Whether they’re given as gifts to others or to yourself, luxury scented candles upgrade any home experience. The great thing about candles is how versatile they are. There’s a candle and a scent for every preference. Whether you like sweet aromas or prefer something with a musky base, there’s something for everyone.

pineapple soy candle - Home

About Luxury Candles

Luxury is all about the feeling you get when you treat yourself to something special. At Malie, we believe that luxury can be an everyday indulgence. We make that possible with our tropical home products like our soy scented candles. Luxurious in scent and make, these candles are made to be soothing and calming no matter where you burn them. Whether in the bathroom for a bubble bath or in your living room, luxury candles make everything warmer and more inviting.

A Guide to Buying Soy Candles

To maximize the sumptuous feeling scented candles provide, it’s important to buy the right ones. Malie’s scented soy candles are made from clean-burning waxes. They are petroleum-free and contain a 100% cotton wick that burns for 60 hours.

The ingredients are simple: just soy wax, a cotton wick, and fragrance oils. When purchasing luxury candles, always look for these features. Additionally it’s best to seek out scented candles that do not contain petroleum, mineral spirits, sulfates, or parabens and are never tested on animals. That’s the way to ensure you’ll have a truly elegant, relaxing, luxurious experience while your candles burn bright.

Scented Candle Aromas

The key to getting the most out of your luxury candles is to find your favorite scent. Here at Malie, we offer a wide selection of scented candles suited for every preference. So whether you or your gift recipient likes a fruity scented candle or something a little more floral, you’re sure to find just the right one.

pineapple soy candle - Home

Pineapple Scented Candle

It doesn’t get more tropical than a Hawaiian scented candle from Malie! This sweet, tropical soy candle is fresh and fruity. Customers say it reminds them of being on the islands even long after the candle has been burned to its last use. Not only does the wonderful scent make your entire room or home smell amazing, but the chic golden ceramic pineapple candle holder is a fantastic addition to any space. Plus, pineapple is actually a symbol of hospitality. Use this luxury candle as a housewarming gift and your friends will thank you every time they use it.

Tiare Soy Scented Candle

Embody a Pacific Island dream with this luxury candle. Feel the sunshine on your skin as this exotic aroma transports you to the tropical islands of Tahiti, where teal waters sparkle and fragrant tiare flowers bloom vibrantly. Elegant in appearance and aroma, this tropical candle will infuse any room with serenity. Consider this candle your one way ticket to tropical aromatherapy.

Plumeria Soy Scented Candle

Enjoy a soft, sensual floral fragrance with a hint of spice that’s reminiscent of a fresh frangipani lei in this luxury scented candle. The plumeria aroma greets you with lush island greens and a kiss of uplifting citrus. Enter any room with this Hawaiian candle and you’ll be overtaken by the beauty of plumeria, gardenia, and jasmine blossom over smooth, milky sandalwood. This candle celebrates the vibrant beauty of Hawai’i in all its glory.

Pikake Soy Scented Candle

Relax and immerse yourself in the “flower of love” with this Hawaiian candle from Malie. Also known as Hawaiian jasmine, pikake contains aphrodisiac and seductive qualities, making it the perfect addition to any romantic night in. A heavenly aroma of dewy greens that’s reminiscent of a post-rain evening shower makes for the epitome of romance. Sultry and a little musky, this scent embodies the warmth of Hawaiian nights.

Koke’e Soy Scented Candle

If you’re looking to surround yourself with scents that mimic the natural foliage of Hawai’i, koke’e is the way to go. Wild plants and exotic florals take center stage in this luxury scented candle. Koke’e marries the greenness of Hawai’i’s native maile vine with tangy, fresh pineapple. The candle offers up a clean, aromatic fragrance that’s balanced out by a warm amber, tonka, and balsam base. You’ll feel all the rainforest-inspired goodness from the very first burn.

Mango Nectar Soy Scented Candle

Rounding out the fruity scented candle collection is our mango nectar candle. This sweet and sassy blend of mouth watering tropical fruits will bring energy and vitality to any room. Ripe mango, juicy apricot, and succulent papaya blend with pulpy oranges to give you a “touched by sunshine” experience. This is the perfect scent for sweet candle lovers.

A Little Bit of Luxury

Full-size candles from Malie burn for an impressive 60 hours, giving you plenty of opportunity to capitalize on the spa-like experience. However, if you’re looking to bring that ambiance with you on-the-go, that’s also an option. Our mini soy candles are made from the same clean-burning waxes as our original candles but come in smaller, travel-friendly sizes. These candles also contain a 100% cotton wick and burn for 10 hours. This makes them the perfect item to toss in your bag if you’re going on a weekend trip or even heading on a longer vacation and want to bring along your favorite scent.

Available in mango nectar, koke’e, plumeria, and pikake, mini soy candles allow you to bring just a little bit of luxury with you anywhere you go.

Transform the ambiance of any room with Malie. Pair our scented candles with any of our home products for Hawaiian aromatherapy. In addition to candles, we also offer reed diffusers, hand soaps, and room spray mists. Bring paradise home when you shop our Hawaiian aromatherapy home collection today!

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