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Refill Conditioner Vs. Regular: Which Offers Better Cost Savings for Businesses

Anyone who runs a small business knows the reality of what it takes to keep your doors open. While especially true for small to medium-sized businesses, all businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and save money. Looking for cost effective solutions in every part of your business expenses is critical, amenities  included. Whether you operate a boutique gym, run a bed & breakfast, or own a small hotel, it’s the seemingly little things that can really add up. Determining where you can eliminate extraneous costs could help you save quite a lot of money while enabling your business to run smoothly.

Taking a hard look at your daily operations and finances will give you a clearer picture on where you can pull back in certain areas of your business. While some people think you always have to compromise on quality to save, the truth is that it is quite the opposite. In fact, it may just come down to making smarter purchasing decisions for your company. For example, many small businesses like those we mentioned above offer in-house amenities like showers with complimentary toiletries such as shampoo and conditioners. While some luxury establishments can afford to offer their guests single-use shampoos, conditioners, and body-washes, a more responsible approach may be to explore eco-friendly. 

There are pros and cons to using regular conditioners vs. refill conditioners and the like. We’ll help you break down the advantages of each so you can determine what makes the most sense for your business.  


Run the Numbers

When deciding whether a refill conditioner situation vs. a regular bottle of conditioner would make sense for your patrons, the first thing to get clear about are your numbers. Either with a business manager or a financial analyst, it’s a good idea to know about how much product you’re going through on a regular basis. For example, boutique workout facilities with 1-2 showers may take two months to go through a single bottle of shampoo and conditioner. While there is certainly nothing wrong with opting for refill bottles, purchasing the regular form of a shampoo and/or conditioner would probably suffice.

On the other hand, shampoo and conditioner refills would likely make a lot of sense for luxury vacation rentals or small hotels. In these instances, patrons typically use these amenities multiple times per day. Even if you only have a few rooms in your hotel, it will probably still make sense to consider using shampoo and conditioner refills as opposed to traditional bottles. This will allow you to stock up on supplies and always be prepared no matter how busy business gets.

Consider Scalability

Deciding between regular amenities and refills also comes down to scalability. It’s great to think ahead and plan for the future, but equally important is to live in the here and now. Shampoo and conditioner refills are intended to be replaced regularly. Refill bottles offer an easy way to finish out an existing supply and replace it with new product. This is great for businesses looking to save money and limit extra spending. It is especially useful for business owners who are just starting out and may not know how much of any given product they will need. Eco refill conditioners, shampoos, body washes, and liquid hand soaps may help prevent over purchasing. Malie Organics’ refills have a shelf life of 2 years, which means you can confidently make a single order to start with and scale upwards as needed.

Factor in Sustainability

If you really want to see savings, you have to think about the long term. Playing the long game and factoring in sustainability will reap the most benefits for your business and for the planet. Eco refill conditioners, shampoos, body washes, and hand soaps take the same formulas and repackage them in an environmentally responsible manner. Whether in reusable plastic or glass bottles, our refills help reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, helping preserve Earth’s natural resources. Exploring the refill route may help you make smart decisions for your business while reducing your carbon footprint. 


About Malie Organics’ Natural Shampoos & Conditioners

It’s important to know the ins and outs of the products you’re considering using in your establishment. The great thing about Malie Organics’ Natural Shampoos and Conditioners is that the formulas are the same, whether or not they come in the regular format or as refills. 

Natural, 70% organic, and vegan, our line of hair care products are designed to enhance the natural beauty you and your customers already have. Our conditioners are especially effective at nourishing hair and restoring its hydration. In fact, a little goes a long way. 

Depending on the number of people who regularly use your amenities, you may find that using regular conditioner bottles vs. conditioner refills (or vice versa) is the better option. We’re here to offer all the information so you can make as informed a decision as possible.

Regardless of whether you opt for conditioner refills or regular bottles, all Malie Organics’ Conditioners contain key beneficial ingredients including:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract. With high levels of antioxidants and vitamins, green tea leaf extract helps protect and condition both the scalp and hair. By doing this, it helps hair grow stronger as it protects against external factors like UV light, air pollution, saline, and chlorine.
  • Avocado Fruit Oil. High in monounsaturated fats, proteins, vitamins, potassium, and a host of other minerals, avocado fruit oil is a natural moisturizer that deeply penetrates the hair. It targets residue to reduce stiffness and detangles without stripping hair of its natural oils. This natural ingredient may also be beneficial for preventing hair loss by way of reducing damage-related hair issues. 

Additionally, both regular bottles of conditioner and conditioner refills are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone PEGs, and gluten. Cruelty-free and safe for all hair types (including color-treated and sun-damaged hair), our formulas make it easy for everyone to love their locks. 


Traditional Hair Care Vs. Refills: Sizes, Scents & More 

As a business owner looking to maximize your cost savings, you need to have all the facts about the amenities your clientele wants to use.  Knowing what Malie Organics offers in terms of shampoo and conditioners will help you make the right decision.

Our Conditioners

Malie Organics’ regular-sized conditioners come in a range of scents including Plumeria ConditionerMango Nectar Conditioner, and Koke’e Conditioner. The traditional size of our tropical hair care conditioner bottles is 14 oz. We also offer 2.5 oz travel-friendly mini conditioners for those who want to take their natural hair products on the go. Offering these to first-time guests as complimentary amenities could entice them to come back to your establishment 

Malie also offers shampoo and conditioner sets for those looking to purchase packages. All regular bottles are 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled), so you can trust that you’re still making an eco-friendly choice whether you use eco refills or not.

Refill Conditioners

As an alternative to our traditional conditioner bottles, eco-refill conditioners let you refill your own (or our) bottles with your favorite hair care again and again.  Made from the same formulas as our other conditioners, refills come in a selection of scents including Mango Nectar and Koke’e. These refill conditioners come in single gallon containers, which equals about 7 of our 16 oz refill bottles.

If you’re interested in taking the environmentally friendly route but don’t feel quite ready to commit to purchasing an entire gallon of conditioner, we have a solution for you as well. Our Mango Nectar Eco-Refill Conditioner and Koke’e Eco-Refill Conditioner can be purchased in refillable 16 oz bottles. These bottles come pre-filled with Malie’s organic conditioner. Once you’re almost done with your current supply, all you need to do is refill the bottle! No need to purchase an entirely new set of bottles. This is a great way to limit waste and maximize beauty.  

Of course, we can’t talk about beauty without addressing decor and aesthetics. As a business looking to draw in repeat customers, you know that every little detail matters. Should you decide that our refill shampoos and conditioners are the way to go, we suggest opting for our Eco-Refill Glass Bottles. These bottles may be purchased pre-filled with either Koke’e or Mango Nectar Conditioner or empty. 

Quality Conditioners for All

As small business owners ourselves, we here at Malie Organics know the importance of finding cost savings wherever possible. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to do so at the expense of your customers. Every business’ needs are different, which is why it is critical to understand your priorities when cutting costs. No matter whether you choose regular-size toiletries or refill gallons, we want you and your customers to enjoy the same high quality products through and through.

Shop conditioners at Malie Organics today to discover better quality hair care, inspired by paradise. 

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