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How Our Hawaiian Natural Hair Care Products are Made: Behind the Scenes

Authenticity, quality, and effectiveness are what you want when shopping for any hair care items, but especially natural hair care products. While it’s common to hear the term “natural” used throughout the beauty industry, seldom do we dig deeper into what that means. Many beauty and hair products may be marketed as clean and natural, but understanding how they are made, where the ingredients come from, and the intention behind the formulations can make all the difference in how you feel when using the products. 

Malie Organics’ natural hair care products aim to do better. Organic, non-toxic, and made with Hawaiian Hydrosols, our natural hair care products are some of the best the beauty industry has to offer. We are fully transparent with our customers about the ingredients and processes behind our products. By pulling back the curtain and letting you behind the scenes, we’re proud to unveil what goes into making some of the world's natural hair care products available. 

How Our Hawaiian Natural Hair Care Products are Made: Behind the Scenes

What “Natural” Means for Hair Care 

Words like “natural,” “organic,” “non-toxic,” and “clean” are common among popular hair and beauty brands these days, but do they really hold up? It’s easy to toss these terms around but more important is understanding why they are being used. Malie Organics is committed to authenticity and transparency. Our goal is to provide consumers with natural hair care products that are highly effective in their cleansing and restoring properties while not using harsh chemicals.

Every hair care and beauty brand may have its own interpretation of what “natural” means to them. Some vow to only use 100% natural ingredients derived straight from the ground. While this may preserve the natural component, it is hard to say whether or not these products can provide the effective cleansing, moisturization, and rejuvenation your hair needs. The best natural hair care products offer a combination of harm-free ingredients but still hold true to their promise of delivering results.

Malie’s natural shampoos and conditioners contain 70% organic ingredients. All formulas are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, PEGs, and gluten. When we say our hair care products are organic, non-toxic, and locally sourced, we really mean it. Potent botanicals give our products their heavenly aromas. Safe for your hair, skin, and the environment, our natural hair care products deliver more potent, powerful results.

Why Natural Hair Care Products are Better

The key to nailing natural hair care is striking a balance between efficacy and a natural ingredient profile. Natural shampoos and conditioners are the better option as long as they work as intended. Take Malie Organics’ Koke’e Shampoo & Conditioner, for example. Not only do these natural shampoos and conditioners contain key beneficial ingredients such as Green Tea Leaf Extract, Avocado Fruit Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein, and Macadamia Nut Oil, but they also deliver the cleanliness and shine you crave. Our natural shampoos and conditioners give hair the strength, moisture, and detangling features you’re after all while remaining safe for your body and the environment.

In addition to the environmental impact, or lack thereof, that tends to come with natural hair care products, another component to consider is how they interact with the rest of your body. Hair care products like natural shampoos and conditioners that are made with simple, nature-based ingredients will generally be better tolerated by the majority of individuals. Just like our face and skin, our hair does not exist in isolation to the rest of our bodies. The types of products you use on your hair could have positive or not so positive effects on your neck, back, and anywhere else the lather travels while you shower or bathe. Natural hair care products are less prone to cause skin irritations and other negative side effects. While it is always pertinent to review the entire ingredient profile of shampoos, conditioners, beauty oils, and other hair treatments prior to using them, there is a better chance that products with natural ingredients will be safer for you all around. Malie Organics makes all of our ingredient profiles fully available to consumers both on our website as well as on the products’ packaging. We want you to know exactly what is in your shampoos, conditioners, and beauty oils before you make a purchase. It is this degree of honesty that has and always will propel us to continue to deliver only the best for our customers. 

The Process of Making Our Natural Hair Care Products

So how do we do it? Some beauty companies might keep their processes a secret, but Malie is proud to share what goes on behind the scenes of making our natural hair care products.

Included in our natural hair care products are Hawaiian hydrosols, which provide universally loved natural aromas. The alluring scents that come from extracting Hawaiian hydrosols set our natural shampoos and conditioners apart from many others on the market and give us a distinct advantage when it comes to the natural beauty space. We use an advanced hydro-distillation process to extract the most potent and beneficial components of some of Hawaii’s most beloved plants and flowers, including plumeria, pikake, maile/koke’e, mango nectar, and coconut.

After several extensive rounds of testing, we settle on just the right formulations, aromas, and combinations that make up our natural hair care products. Important to note is that our products are never tested on animals. This is true for both our natural hair care products as well as all everything within the Malie Organics line. Malie is committed to the well-being of all living beings, animals included. We are adamant that our products remain cruelty-free, which means never testing on animals or subjecting any beings to harm.  

A Commitment to Quality

The way natural hair care products are made matters. Malie Organics has always been inspired by Kauai’s natural bounty and our products are a reflection of that. The way we make all of our products, including our natural shampoos, natural conditioners, and beauty oils speaks to our love for the Garden Island of Kauai. Our commitment to consistent quality and product integrity is the thread that connects our homeskin care, and hair care products to one another. We are proud to offer products that naturally enhance the beauty that already exists within you. 

Malie Organics’ natural shampoos and conditioners come in a variety of scents and sizes. Natural shampoos and conditioners are available in Mango Nectar, Plumeria and Koke’e in both full-size and mini varieties. Our beauty oils are available in Mango Nectar, Plumeria, Koke’e, Pikake, Tiare, and Pineapple. To experience the difference using the best natural hair care products can make, we encourage you to shop with us today! Use our natural shampoos, conditioners, and beauty oils for yourself and see why natural is better.

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