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What Are The Differences Between Perfume Sprays And Oils?

What Are The Differences Between Perfume Sprays And Oils?

By Guest Blogger

Having the right perfume is extremely important to complete an attire; after all, a beautiful outfit should appeal to all the senses! Using the right perfume doesn't just mean smelling nice; it's also about bringing a whole mood with you wherever you go. While we often see perfumes with sprays, in reality, perfumes come in oils as well. Although most magazines and television ads will focus primarily on perfume sprays, oil perfume goes way back in time and has been in use for decades. Today we will delve into both types of perfumes and discuss the differences between the two.

Sprays Vs. Oils

All perfumes, as you recognize them from beauty stores, are essentially perfumed oils that have been distilled to be sprayable - to make them easier to apply. These are the perfume sprays that we know and love. While the fragrance is still there, it is made more palatable and easy to wear with alcohol. The diluent is commonly a 95-proof denatured alcohol. Alternatively, the perfume oils you purchase are diluted with an odorless carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or refined coconut oil. This gives perfume oils an entirely different consistency, and they are worn differently as well. While both perfume sprays and oils are great for different types of wearers, there are certain stark differences that we have to address.

Differences Between Perfume Sprays and Oils

  • Application and Throw: There is a perception that perfume oils aren't as "strong" as the alcohol-based varieties. This depends on the throw. Alcohol-based perfume is sprayed into the air, and when it touches down, it settles on your skin, clothes, and hair while the remaining portion evaporates behind you in a fragrant cloud. The alcohol dissolves into the air as you are wearing it, continuing to throw. This implies that your boss, employees, and restaurant server can smell your fragrance as they approach before they are close enough to speak to you. Oils used in fragrances lack that throw. This is because they are on an oil base, which adheres to any surface you apply it to. Only people who are close to your body will be likely to smell perfume oil if you apply it around your neck and wrists. The primary consumer of perfume oil is yourself, and it only fills your personal space. Therefore, you won't have to worry about offending anyone if it's a scent they don't like.
  • Scent Endurance: Another factor that is quite different from the application and throw of oils and sprays is its scent endurance. Spray scents, despite initially appearing "strong," vaporize into the air after two to three hours. Alcohol's nature is such. It evaporates when coupled with oxygen. Fragrance oils don't disappear as quickly. Depending on the fragrance combination, they last on your body for 4-5 hours. As your skin warms up, fragrance oils are stimulated by the heat, and they begin to radiate outward. You rub them to the pulse spots for that reason. You'll notice a stronger smell if you're perspiring. If you have a cold disposition, only apply them to the warmest parts of your body. Since they do not evaporate, unlike perfumes, perfume oils have a prolonged shelf life than fragrances.
  • Price: Some of the most premium personal care items available are designer spray perfumes. Additionally, their markup is significant too. An alcohol-based perfume typically has a scent concentration of 8–15%. The remaining ingredients are alcohol and fillers. In addition to the box and the designer's name, you are paying for the attractive bottle the perfume comes in. You get more value from perfume oils. Only 15–30% of their product is scent; the remainder is oil. A tiny amount is more potent and stays on the skin for longer. However, there is a reason why perfume oils are a tad more expensive. Designer alcoholic perfume sprays might enjoy a higher prominence than perfume oils, and the oils don't come in glitzy bottles, and modern celebrities and beauty influencers don't frequently endorse them. However, oils for perfume are more traditional and classic, and they seem to be making a comeback.
  • Skin Sensitivity: When it comes to perfumes, it's not just about the smell but also how they feel on the body. One should be very careful about what they use on their body. If you have hypersensitive skin, you must be aware that some perfumes simply clash with the chemistry of your skin. Alcohol-based perfumes are obviously highly volatile and may result in allergic responses. In general, perfume oils are safer for skin that is sensitive. They go in gentler and feel good on the skin. However, it is always smart to do some research when it comes to oils as well, especially if you have a particular allergy or sensitivity.
  • Uses: While we are primarily talking about the usage of perfume on the body, that is not the only way to use them. Alcohol-based perfumes are generally used just on the body, while perfume oils can be administered for a wide variety of other beauty and lifestyle products. Perfume oils can be used to produce a plethora of scented products, like scented soaps, bath oils, scented candles, air fresheners, and many other products. However, it is important to be aware that there are some types of fragrance oils that are raw and pure uncut oils considered unsafe for use on the skin.
Choosing the right perfect perfume is a journey and a right of passage. Everybody has a different sensitivity to smell, and what smells good to you might be too weak or too overbearing for the next person. However, the journey is well worth it when you do find the right perfume. Perfume sprays and oils are inherently very different, and if you are an avid perfume lover, you might want to look into perfume oils more closely. While many are used to seeing perfumes in spray bottles, there is a whole other experience waiting to be enjoyed in perfume oil bottles. If you are looking for a place to explore some amazing perfumes, check out Malie’s website here -

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