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Natural Face Moisturizer Guide For a Fresh Complexion

Finding the right skin care routine can be a challenge, even for people who seem to have perfect skin. Even that “no makeup” look requires a few products. Those looking to keep their skin care routines simple and clean will appreciate Malie’s natural face moisturizers and serum. Made from organic ingredients, our BotanyBeauty Collection is powered by plant science and designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Natural Face Moisturizer Guide For a Fresh Complexion

If you’re on the hunt for the best moisturizing skin care products to complete your daily routine, look no further, as we have the guide for you.

Start With the Right Cleansing Products

While this post is technically all about staying moisturized, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention the first step in any skin care routine: cleansing! Before you hydrate you have to take away the dirt and debris that’s built up.

A lot of people make the mistake of going too harsh with their cleansers. This is a major faux-pas, as stripping the skin of its natural oils will only make it produce more oil and could lead to further issues (irritation, breakouts, etc.). The key is to find a cleanser that’s equal parts balancing and effective. For example, the BotanyBeauty Cleansing Polish presents an exfoliating blend of skin firming nutrients to naturally exfoliate while reinvigorating the skin. The polish penetrates deep into the skin to leave it looking firm, conditioned, and smooth without overdrying it. This is great for all skin types, including those with concerns of dullness, fine lines/wrinkles, and breakouts.

Follow up your cleanser with a light toner or tonic (we recommend the BotanyBeauty Hydrosol Facial Tonic for the ultimate in hydration) and you’ll be all set and primed to move onto the next step: moisturizer.

Move Onto Moisturizers

Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin and you have a clean palate with which to work, the next step is to move onto moisturization. While this may seem straightforward (after all, just use a moisturizer, right?), the truth is that it’s imperative to find the right moisturizer for your needs. Going the natural moisturizer route is typically preferred, as this is going to keep your skin clean and prevent exposure to potentially harmful additives that could cause irritation.

The Benefits of Natural Face Moisturizers

Natural Face Moisturizer Guide For a Fresh Complexion

The reasons to use a natural face moisturizer are plentiful; in fact, we could go on and on about them for days. With that being said, not all natural face moisturizers are made the same. They won’t all be created with the right ingredients to be both effective and safe for your skin and the planet. That’s why it’s especially important to find the best natural face moisturizer from responsible skin care companies like Malie.

Our BotanyBeauty Collection’s moisturizers offer several unique benefits, including:

  • Suitable for all skin types. While each of our moisturizers have unique highlights, they are designed to be safe and effective for individuals with a variety of skin types, including those with concerns of dry and dull skin, as well as people experiencing breakouts, redness, and irritation.
  • Fragrance-Free. The best natural moisturizers don’t need extra fragrances. We keep ours fragrance-free to reduce the risk of negative reactions.
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan. This is super important to us and we believe it should be for everyone. The best skin care products are the ones that prioritize the wellbeing of all beings, including humans, animals, and the environment. We never test on animals and make sure that all of our products are made cruelty-free and from vegan ingredients.
  • Free from… parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, alcohol, PEGs, gluten, and artificial components. Just as important as what is in our natural moisturizers is what is not in them. We keep our products free from the aforementioned elements to preserve their integrity and keep our customers’ skin clean, smooth, and happy.

Pick Your Product

Now that you have a solid understanding of why natural is the way to go, the next step is to start choosing the right moisturizer for you. This comes down to your needs and goals. Everyone has different intentions with what they want to get out of a moisturizer. Some simply need something that will prevent their skin from drying out while others are more concerned about protection against the sun, eliminating age spots, or preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Evaluate the product’s components and ingredients to find the one that’s right for you.

Our Botany Beauty Collection offers several natural moisturizer options:

Firming Cream

Rich and hydrating, this natural moisturizer uses five superior antioxidants to repair cell damage and neutralize free radicals. The result is a dynamic anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agent that delivers clear and fresh skin.

This firming face moisturizer is powered by Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract, which is one of the most effective antioxidants around. The Chlorogenic & Caffeic Acid within Hawaiian Coffee Fruit help increase the appearance of tightness and firmness. All the while, Ferulic Acid counteracts free radical cell damage to minimize the effects of UV and environmental exposure. Last but not least, Quinic Acid and Trigonelline provide the anti-bacterial cleansing properties needed to brighten and tone.

Illuminating Moisturizer

For those who want a glowing complexion, the BotanyBeauty Illuminating Moisturizer does it all. This lightweight natural face moisturizer contains just the right ingredients to restore firmness, suppleness, and hydration.

The combination of Organic Lavender with Dimethyl Sulfone MSM helps restore skin’s collagen to yield a more hydrated appearance. Clove Essential Oil, Organic Juniper, and Organic Cayenne help balance out excess oil production without over drying. Finally, Pineapple Fruit Extract and Papaya Fruit Extract restore a bright and healthy radiance that will make you feel simply illuminated.

Illuminating Serum

Although not technically a moisturizer, this serum delivers a healthy dose of hydration to the skin. It’s great for use throughout the day or before you apply your moisturizer. Serums can also be used alone in both the morning and the night.

Try one or try them all to find the best natural moisturizer for your skin. Shop our BotanyBeauty Collection now at Malie!

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