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'Iolani Palace Maile Collection

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The Ultimate Hawaiian Clean-Beauty Brand


The Ultimate Hawaiian Clean-Beauty Brand: Malie Organics (Review)

By Shop With Kendallyn • August 12, 2021 

Beauty products that are inspired by the lush island of Kauai using pure and potent Hawaiian-native botanicals? What’s not to love?! Well there’s SO much to love about Malie Organics (pronounced mah-lee-ay), a Hawaiian beauty brand that produces high quality, clean beauty products. Each of their products is sure to take your showering experience to another level.

Malie is a brand that I truly stand by and have posted about in the past because of how truly amazing their products are. They are unique and use a special process to extract the most potent and beneficial components of native plants and flowers that’s called “hydro-distillation”. So if you love clean, tropical beauty products that come from Hawaii itself, then this is a brand you will surely fall I love with! The beautiful people at Malie kindly gifted me the following products so I can share my thoughts about each one.

Let’s get started!

Koke’e Shampoo + Conditioner 


Shop with Kendallyn, Top Oregon Blogger, Malie Organics, Tropical Hawaiian Beauty, Koke'e Shampoo and Conditioner Duo


What is it? Gentle enough to use everyday, this shampoo duo is packed with hair-loving ingredients like green tea, quinoa, avocado, macadamia and Kukui oil. Each of these tropical ingredients help to deeply nourish and add intense hydration and shine.

Thoughts. Since the very first time I used this duo, my hair has honestly been so shiny and soft! The shampoo does an beautiful job at creating a perfect lather that really deep cleans the hair and scalp without completely stripping it of its natural oils. It’s perfect for using every day. The conditioner is the kind that you will immediately fall in love with because as soon as it touches your hair, you can feel your hair immediately soften and become beautifully transformed. When styling my hair, it looks extremely shiny which is what makes this duo a total keeper! I love products that actually do what they promise! My hair looks so silky whenever I use this Koke’e duo. The scent is absolutely phenomenal with the tropical scents of pineapple and fresh foliage which makes your shower experience amazing!

Get it here!

Plumeria Body Cream


Shop with Kendallyn, Top Oregon Blogger, Malie Organics, Tropical Hawaiian Beauty, Plumeria Body Cream

What is it? Containing rich, tropical ingredients like coconut, macadamia nut and Kukui nut oil, this body cream is ultra high in vitamins and omega oils, which help to promote softer and younger-looking skin.

Thoughts. This has to be my favorite product from Malie that I’ve tried because it is absolute perfection!! The texture is rich but isn’t too heavy at all. It immediately melts into the skin and give it the perfect feeling of being silky soft! It perfectly captures the dreamy scent of plumeria and makes me feel like I’m just a little closer to the island of Hawaii. Another thing that I love about this body cream is that it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin which is wonderful! I highly recommend giving this body cream a try if you are to get anything from Malie. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Get it here

Plumeria Bath Soak 


Shop with Kendallyn, Top Oregon Blogger, Malie Organics, Tropical Hawaiian Beauty, Plumeria Bath Soak

What is it? A therapeutic way to take in the vibrant scent of plumeria while detoxifying and nourishing your entire body. This bath soak contains the finest sea salts and special Hawaiian red Alaea clay from the Heart of Hawai’i along with other tropical oils that create the ultimate luxurious bath experience.

Thoughts. This is Malie’s newest product and I’m so glad they have it! I love taking baths and so this bath soak is so nice to have on hand. It smells so beautifully floral and makes my skin feel super soft! I am obsessed with the plumeria scent and so happy there is yet another way to enjoy it! If you are obsessed with plumeria like myself, I highly recommend giving this bath soak a try. It’s SO good!

Get it here.

Overall Thoughts

Just like in my previous post, Malie organics has a special place in my heart. The beautiful Hawaiian ingredients remind me of my past visits to the islands and the invigorating scents of the flowers and lush greenery that you experience while visiting. The overall quality of each Malie Organics product that I’ve tried so far has been nothing but luxurious! I’m so impressed with the quality and all the ingredients that they pack into each of their products. I highly recommend giving all of their products a try. There’s nothing like high-quality Hawaiian beauty products, and Malie will always be my go-to! Try Malie Out

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