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Malie Organics Announces New PCR Packaging

Malie Organics Announces New PCR Packaging

I Like To Talk A Lot, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog • May 4, 2022 

Malie Organics New PCR Packaging by iliketotalkblog

Estimates say that we spend on average 60 hours a year in the shower. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to spend that much time there, I’m going to make it as enjoyable as possible with good products. What’s crazy is that’s based on the idea that men and women shower between 8-9 minutes a day…I don’t think I know one woman that showers that quickly. So I’m going to go ahead and double that number for me since my husband says I’m in there ”forever”.

My shower time is time to unwind and reset whether it’s the morning or evening. I always feel better after a shower and have taken a second one some days just because I needed the alone time. But what makes it truly more enjoyable is when I use products that smell beautiful and make me feel beautiful. Fortunately for me, Malie Organics invited me to try out their organic shampoo and conditioner set that now has new packaging!


Inspired by the lush island of Kauai, Malie Organics, makes luxurious, organic, plant-based bath, body, and apothecary-type products. Each product includes the use of aromatic Hawaiian hydrosols that each has a purpose within a formula, whether it be to soothe, rejuvenate, etcetera. Malie Organics prides itself on the fact that none of its products contain mineral oil, gluten, petrochemicals, silicones, sulfates, or talc. All ingredients that are used are locally-sourced, organic and/or wild-crafted.

Malie Organics New PCR Packaging by iliketotalkblog

While the luxurious tropical theme of the brand has me literally wide-eyed, I appreciate the things that I found out while researching the products. Malie Organics not only believes in the power of Hawaiian botanicals, but they believe in taking care of our planet and giving back where they can. Don’t know what year this is in reference to, but their site says they have already donated 20,000 to a variety of organizations that help the community and environment.


Malie Organics was kind enough to send me a shampoo and conditioner in the scent of my choice in celebration of them switching their bottles to a new 100% PCR version. PCR, or post-consumer recycled (plastics) is less wasteful than virgin plastics since it comes from items we recycle every day. Thus, this lowers our carbon footprint and reduces the number of plastics that end up in landfills making it a very sustainable and eco-friendly option. I think it’s so great when brands do this and make the effort! Those that do, truly stand out!

Malie Organics New PCR Packaging by iliketotalkblog

Malie Organics has two shampoo/conditioner options in the new PCR packaging, Mango Nectar and Koke’e (a dewy floral & crisp green scent) were the options to choose from. I chose mango nectar, since I’ve been on a mango smoothie kick lately, but honestly, I would use any scent this brand used.


The packaging on its own is nice. Short, but stout bottles with an easy-to-push pump makes it easy to use with wet hands. And I appreciate they put a pump lock on when shipping because I would have cried if one drop was lost during its travel time to me.

The scent is absolutely DELICIOUS! Gorgeous, luscious, and tropical. Everything you’d want and expect from a Hawaiian-based brand. And the formula works well for my color-treated long hair. Kukui nut oil provides antioxidants while deeply nourishing the hair and scalp, while Quinoa proteins enhance volume and smoothness. Macadamia nut oil hydrates and strengthens leaving my hair incredibly shiny and manageable.

Malie Organics New PCR Packaging by iliketotalkblog

Every time I use this shampoo and conditioner I wish I smelled like them all day! I can catch the scent in my hair when it’s still damp but feel like I need to bathe my whole body in this stuff too!

I’ve already got my eye on their multi-purpose beauty oils and body gloss. I am an absolute sucker for tropical or Hawaiian-inspired scents and having hydrated-looking skin.


If you love all things related to Hawaii and have a penchant for eco-friendly products then I highly recommend Malie Organics. You can find them on Amazon, at one of their Boutiques, or on their website. Their website will show you a little tag of each product that has been converted to PCR packaging.

Malie Organics New PCR Packaging by iliketotalkblog

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