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The Benefits of Choosing Organic Amenities for Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Going on vacation is a chance to take a breath – to put pause on the seemingly never ending list of “to-dos'' and indulge in some much-needed, intentional rest and relaxation. Time spent on vacation should be stress-free. For most people seeking a vacation, the opportunity to reset and recharge doesn’t come around often. Choosing the right hotel can make or break an experience. From the linens in the rooms to the hotel amenities in common areas, every detail counts.

The most world renown hotels and hospitality establishments operate with this very sense of detail oriented mindset. Hotel directors understand the benefits of offering luxury vacation amenities to their guests, which is why they prioritize using organic products. In both individual rooms as well as in communal areas like fitness centers and spas, organic amenities for hotels can enhance guests’ experiences and contribute to an overall better stay. Using clean and organic luxury vacation rental amenities on your premises and associating these products with your brand may positively impact your bottom line.

Why Organic Hotel Amenities Matter

It should come as no surprise that quality will always reign supreme when it comes to the amenities in a luxury hotel. After all, guests who are spending top dollar deserve to be treated as royalty. While using high quality products is more or less expected in luxury vacation resorts, adding the element of them being organic elevates things even further. Whether the products are shampoos and conditioners, body washes and lotions, or hand soaps, the ingredient profiles should speak to the values your establishment promotes. 

Where Well-Being Takes Precedence 

Prioritizing guests’ experiences starts with caring about their well-being. This means addressing both what is obvious as well as that which is less apparent. As a luxury vacation company, it’s likely that your mission is to provide guests with the feeling that they are being fully taken care of. Given that, the products you use and promote must follow suit and support this mentality. Organic hotel amenities speak to a whole new level of commitment to guests’ health and wellness. The details may seem small, but the benefits will speak for themselves in the overall improved experience your guests walk away with.   

Organic hotel amenities will prove to your guests firsthand that you value their health and wellness. Organic shampoos and conditioners, natural body washes, body creams, and hand soaps are less likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions than others. Having a positive experience with the amenities one finds in their luxury vacation rental can result in a snowball effect, leading to better reviews, a more enjoyable stay, and an increased likelihood of becoming a repeat customer. 

Environmentally Conscious Vacationing

Aligned with a focus on health and wellness is that of being environmentally conscious. Utilizing organic products within your hotel’s amenities will show your guests that your business cares about the environment. Being forthcoming about your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint is a fantastic way to bolster your hotel’s reputation while encouraging eco-conscious travelers to book a stay with you.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for typical hotel toiletries to be packed in single-use plastic bottles, many of which contribute to pollution. What’s more, the ingredients within these products may also negatively contribute to the environment. Choosing a hotel amenities supplier with natural ingredients is a socially responsible and planet-friendly way to provide lasting luxury to your guests. 

Improved Hotel Reputation

The benefits of choosing organic amenities for hotels and vacation rentals are intended to enhance guests’ stays, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be advantageous for a business’ bottom line as well. Seeing, using, and enjoying organic hotel amenities is a subtle yet impactful way to improve your guests’ time at your establishment. Individuals who have positive interactions with staff, amenities, and all elements of your business are less likely to express dissatisfaction and leave poor reviews. 

While the service and quality you provide should speak for itself, the truth of running any business is that reviews matter quite a bit. The online reputation of your hotel is essentially a first impression. Keeping it as pristine as possible should be a main focal point of your marketing and amenities teams. A 5-star reputation will increase the likelihood of attracting more bookings as well as referrals from existing guests to their friends and family. This will ultimately increase your profitability and support your business in the long run.  

Luxury Amenities: Finding the Best Supplier

Understanding the value of using organic luxury hotel amenities is the first step; the second is to find the right company to provide the products. When deciding where to turn, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. Price, quantity, delivery efficiency, eco-refill opportunities, product ingredients, and several other criteria will be factors to consider.

The goal should be to seek out a company that specializes in natural products. Finding a supplier that prioritizes transparency and authenticity within their ingredient profiles will help ensure that the products being used in your amenities are exactly what you want. Find a company that uses organic, cruelty-free products, and sustainable packaging.

In addition to the components of the products themselves, another consideration should be how the company operates with regards to hotels and luxury vacation rentals. Malie Organics has a dedicated Custom Amenity Program. Specifically designed for wholesale use, Malie’s Amenity Program will provide your guests with the luxury stay they deserve. 

If you own or manage a hotel, resort, or luxury vacation rental establishment and are interested in joining Malie’s Amenity Program, we encourage you to fill out our wholesale application today! Once completed, a Malie representative will contact you with next steps. 

Give your guests the luxury experience they deserve with hotel amenities that deliver. Malie: Inspired by Paradise. Powered by Science.

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