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How to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic from Your Hotel and Vacation Rental Amenities

The mission to eliminate or reduce single-use plastics from your hotel is an admirable one and something that all vacation rentals should aspire to do. Sustainability is not just a trendy word conscious consumers toss around; this hot-button issue extends to all aspects of life, rest, relaxation, and leisure included. As a hotel manager or director, you have a role in how environmentally responsible your facility is. We all play a part in the health and wellness of our planet. As a decision maker, you can do your part to help reduce your establishment’s carbon footprint. One of the most impactful ways to do this is by eliminating single-use plastics from your hotel. While on the surface that seems like an easy switch, many find that it requires quite a bit of planning and foresight. That’s where we can help. We’ll show you how to eliminate single-use plastics from your vacation rental in a way that neither compromises the integrity of your hotel nor the experience your guests have.

What are Single-Use Plastics?

Sometimes referred to as SUPs, single-use plastics are products that are used only once or for a short period of time before being thrown out and tossed into a landfill. Examples of single-use plastics include disposable water bottles, plastic cutlery, plastic straws, toiletries, bottles, travel-size hand sanitizer bottles, plastic wrappers, and so many other types of products. Many disposable items within the food, medical, and personal care industries are made of single-use plastic because they are convenient and hygienic.  Unfortunately, excessive use of these products gravely contributes to plastic pollution, which has extremely harmful effects on the environment.

How to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Pollution 

Many people understand that using single-use plastics is problematic and negatively contributes to pollution, but where they get stuck is in how to eliminate or reduce their consumption of these products. Not knowing where to start is a common concern and a valid one at that. After all, in the hotel and hospitality industry, luxury is paramount. Ease, convenience, and minimizing hassle are the essence of what vacationing is all about. Many hotels opt for single-use toiletries in individual guest rooms and sometimes even common areas because it seems easier. And while they may appear to be easier in the short term,  single-use plastics are anything but.  As socially responsible consumers, it is on us to think toward the future of our planet. Reducing single-use plastics is one of the most sustainable practices we can all abide by, hotels and luxury vacation rentals included.

Sustainable Hotel Products & Amenities 

In addition to incorporating green practices into everyday operations, there are several other actions hotel managers and directors can take toward promoting sustainability in their hotels. There are plenty of opportunities to elevate the eco-friendliness of hotels, the impacts of which will extend tenfold. Not only will reducing single-use plastics within your hotel be functionally beneficial, but it will also enhance the reputation of your business. Companies with strong moral convictions and value systems tend to attract like-minded personnel. Customers who recognize the sound foundation of ethics and principles within your luxury resort will be more inclined to book with you and support this common initiative. 

Understanding the importance of reducing single-use plastics in hotel amenities is one piece of the puzzle; the other is actually doing it and putting these ambitions into practice. 

Incorporate Reusable Products Wherever Possible 

As a sustainable hotel brand, it is imperative to practice what you preach. Your mission has to align with your actions. While there are many ways to reduce plastic pollution of a luxury vacation rental, two of the most straightforward are through the food service department and hotel amenities.

Not sure where to begin? Start simply. If you aren’t doing so already, get rid of single-use plastic water bottles. Rather than giving guests disposable water bottles that will ultimately end up in landfills, opt for glass bottles and cups. Have filtered water dispensers placed throughout the hotel so guests can freely refill their glass bottles at their leisure. Next comes the products guests use every day in their rooms as well as in common areas: the personal care products and hotel amenities.

Use Eco-Refills & Gallon-Size Products 

When it comes to hotel amenities, start with the small things and work your way up. In other words, think micro to macro. Swap travel-size mini shampoo and conditioner bottles for wall dispensers that can be filled with gallon-size eco-refills. Eco-refills like those available at Malie Organics come in gallon-size and half gallon-size bottles designed for this very purpose. 

Great for use in individual guest rooms, Malie’s shampoos, conditioners, body washes, hand soaps, and body creams are available in a variety of scents including mango nectar and koke’e. Made from natural ingredients with a 70% organic ingredient profile, eco-refills from Malie are specifically intended to help reduce single-use toiletries in hotels and hospitality establishments. These clean formulas can be easily dispensed into in-shower units like wall dispensers or refillable bottles. 

Malie offers beautiful glass and recyclable plastic bottles that can be refilled with our shampoos, conditioners, body washes, hand soaps, and body creams. Great for individual rooms as well as common areas such as fitness centers and lobby restrooms, these bottles are aesthetically appealing solutions that save resources without compromising the quality of the products within them.

Cost-Effective & Sustainable

Eliminating single-use plastics from your hotel and luxury vacation rental can also be a cost-effective endeavor. It is a common misconception that organic products are always more expensive. This could not be further from the truth with Malie Organics’ eco-refills. In fact, by reducing single-use toiletries within your hotel amenities, you’ll find that you waste fewer resources by purchasing fewer supplies.  

Malie makes things even easier by offering entire sets in the same scent. These environmentally friendly solutions will help your hotel remain sustainable all while smelling heavenly. Some of our signature scents include Mango Nectar, Koke’e,  and Plumeria,  (the other scents are not offered in Gallons)

Why it Matters

Taking these actions toward sustainability is the first step towards reducing your hotel’s carbon footprint and maintaining your environmentally friendly brand reputation. This will show guests that you are socially responsible, conscious, and committed to a better experience for both the individuals who stay at your resort as well as for the planet. 

Inspired by paradise and powered by plant science, Malie is dedicated to promoting sustainable living for all beings. Our products are made from natural ingredients andnon-toxic to deliver individuals the very best nature has to offer. To discuss bringing Malie’s Amenity Program to your hotel, we encourage you to fill out our wholesale application. Once completed, a Malie representative will contact you with next steps. 

Whether in luxury vacation rentals or everyday living, it’s up to us to keep our planet livable. Let’s do it in a smart and sustainable way with products sourced from the world around us.

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