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5 Ways the Right Hotel Amenities Can Boost Your Business

Think of taking a vacation and one of the first things that comes to mind is staying in a hotel. There is a certain type of luxury that only exists in the world of hotels and hospitality. Freshly pressed sheets, seashell-shaped chocolates left on your pillows, room service…the list goes on! In addition to the friendly staff who are there to wait on you hand and foot, hotel amenities are some of the most highly sought-after luxuries of a vacation.

Hotel amenities come in many shapes and forms. Access to a rooftop pool, free Wi-Fi, an onsite fitness center, complimentary breakfast, plush robes and towels, in-room coffee makers, and not to mention the mini fridge; these things don’t even begin to cover some of the most extravagant and grandiose luxury hotel amenities that exist in the world of hospitality.

There are many reasons to take a vacation: spend time with family, experience a new culture or environment, take a break from work, find some much-needed rest and relaxation. Whatever the motive, the common theme is the word vacation; wherever you go, it should allow you to truly take a vacation from daily life. A vacation is the opportunity to quite literally vacate from the stress and responsibilities we are all subject to at home. Whether it’s for two days or two weeks, a vacation at the right hotel with the right amenities can truly be transformative. Hotel business owners understand this, which is why the most successful ones do everything in their power to include luxury hotel amenities in their establishments.

The Purpose of Hotel Amenities

The overall goal of hotel amenities is to enhance the guest experience and ensure that they have a more favorable time at your hotel. At the same time, the amenities you choose can make a big difference in how people view your entire business and brand; in a sense, they can make or break your reputation. There are several factors to consider when choosing the brands to partner with for the amenities in your hotel. For example, aligning with sustainable companies puts your business in a more favorable position, environmentally speaking.

Of course, quality matters, too. The higher the quality of the products, the more positively your guests will view your brand. They will see that you are committed to going above and beyond for the people who choose your establishment. This will help you stand out from the competition and may be the difference between guests choosing one hotel over another.

The Role of Luxury Hotel Amenities

Luxury hotel

The amenities in a hotel play several roles in how guests experience their stays. Some are obvious while others may not be thought of until guests have actually arrived. As a hotel manager or owner, it is your responsibility to think ahead and consider everything. Hospitality requires meticulous attention to detail and copious planning. Thinking about the “must haves” and “what ifs” is necessary, but so is considering the subtle elements that offer an added touch of luxury. These seemingly small details can make all the difference in how enjoyable a time your guests will have at your hotel and how likely they are to return.

Understanding the value luxury hotel amenities can bring to your business can be instrumental in helping attract new guests, encouraging returning ones to re-book, and enhancing your business’ overall reputation. 

1.    Convenience

The most clear-cut and straightforward way amenities enhance guests’ stay in a hotel is through convenience. While this may be obvious, it doesn’t make it any less important or valuable. Convenience matters quite a bit, especially when you’re traveling to a new location. Staying in a hotel means there will be many unknowns. While many of them will be positive, it can still be challenging to not have all of your creature comforts on hand.

Hotel amenities make it more convenient for travelers to make the trip, book the stay, and actually take the getaway they’ve been craving. Having what you need when you need it means there will be one less thing to think about while you’re away. This can be major, especially for families with small children.

2.    Cost

There’s no getting around it – travel is expensive! Staying in a hotel and experiencing all of the luxuries that come along with hotel amenities is certainly worth it, but that doesn’t change the fact that costs tend to add up. Flights, daily excursions, activities, and the cost of staying in a luxury hotel or resort can be expensive. Having the right amenities in your hotel may give guests peace of mind that at least they won’t have to worry about purchasing additional things like toiletries while they’re away.

Traveling with toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and soaps is notoriously problematic. All carry-on liquids must adhere to the 3-1-1 rule, and while you can check bags with liquids and gels, that tends to add a bit of stress to any trip. After all, who knows what could open during flight?

While just about all hotels have the basic toiletries, knowing that yours will have the high quality products they love speaks volumes. Being able to rely on the quality and condition of the amenities in the hotel where you’re staying is a cost-effective way to encourage guests to book with you.

It’s one less thing to think about. One less worry of “will this irritate my skin” or will my skincare regimen be set back because I’ve used these products

3.    Brand Reputation

How current, prospective, and past guests view your hotel and your overall brand matters. These days, everything is subject to review. Whether it’s on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or elsewhere, people are quick to leave reviews about their experiences, good or bad. While you can’t control what people will say online, you can do your best to put your business in the most favorable position possible by partnering with the right brands.

Two things to consider when it comes to choosing the best brands for your hotel’s amenities are sustainability and quality. Malie Organics offer an environmentally friendly solution that helps customers save money and resources while enhancing the entire bathing experience. Our Eco-Refill and Gallon products provide organic and luxurious amenities to hotel and vacation rental guests so they can indulge even more throughout their stays. Designed for professional and amenity use, both our liquid products and the bottles in which they are housed are sophisticated, high quality, ambient, and impressive. Our products are made with natural, cruelty-free ingredients. Our bottles are available in either environmentally friendly refillable plastic containers or frosted glass apothecary varieties, both of which will complement just about any hotel decor. Not only will there never be a reason to leave a bad review, but you may even see a few good ones as a result of your soap, shampoo, and conditioner choices!

4.    Competitive Advantage

The world of hotels and hospitality is fiercely competitive. Everyone is trying to offer the most luxurious services and experiences to lure in guests from near and far. Price matters but there are other factors to consider as well. When taking a vacation and booking a hotel, guests want to be treated like royalty – and why shouldn’t they? Every aspect of your hotel plays a role in why someone would or would not want to book with your company.

The right luxury hotel amenities will give your business a leg up on the competition. In fact, they may be a deciding factor in why some choose to stay in your hotel instead of another. While it’s unlikely that a prospective hotel guest would make their decision solely based on one shampoo vs. another, it is realistic to think that it could be a consideration.

For example, imagine the following scenario: an eco-friendly couple is looking to book a stay in a luxury hotel in Hawaii. They are committed to maintaining their lifestyle and always try to use products that save Earth’s resources. This couple is acutely aware of their carbon footprint and does whatever they can to minimize their impact. While exploring potential hotels for their upcoming vacation, they come across the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, a Luxury Collection 5-Star Resort in Honolulu right on Waikiki Beach. While there are several other luxury hotels in the vicinity (all of which are comparably priced), the Royal Hawaiian Hotel specifically mentions that they use Malie Organics products in their general areas, bathroom retreats, and spa environments. Given Malie’s reputation for being an environmentally friendly resource in the personal care industry, this small detail is all the couple needs to make their decision about where to stay.

5.    Positive Associations

The most important thing you want with any hotel amenity is for it to provide guests with a positive lasting impression of your establishment. We all know that first impressions matter, but so do second, third, fourth, and all of the impressions thereafter. The time guests spend at your hotel should be meaningful and impactful. The goal is to give them a trip of a lifetime they won’t forget and will want to replicate time and time again. What better way to do this than with luxury hotel amenities?

Our senses are powerful indicators of how we experience the world. What we see, feel, touch, hear, and of course, smell, play a major role in how favorably we take in each and every day. One of the most powerful senses is scent. Think back to when you were young; do certain smells remind you of childhood? Perhaps it’s the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies that reminds you of time spent in the kitchen with a grandparent. Or maybe smelling the salty ocean air brings you back to summers spent at your beach house. Now imagine being able to provide that to the guests at your hotel. Their ability to associate a certain scent with your business could keep them coming back for years on end.

Koke’e Aroma Collection

Malie’s Koke’e Aroma Collection is designed to inspire. The fresh and sophisticated, green, clean aroma is inspired by the maile vine that grows naturally in the rainforest. Universally loved from the mountains to the cities, koke’e evokes the calm, cleansing sense of nature. With just one whiff of koke’e, your guests will know paradise awaits.

Mango Nectar Collection

Mango Necor

Invigorating and tropical, Malie’s Mango Nectar Aroma Collection blends the scents of ripe mangos, juicy apricots, and succulent papayas with warm sand and endless beaches. Perfect for luxury hotels in tropical locations, this scent is a sweet and sassy cocktail of fruity goodness.

It’s time to transform your hotel’s offering with the beauty secrets of the tropics. Luxury hotel amenities are all about pampering guests and making them feel truly special. Malie’s Custom Amenity Program provides a lush, relaxing, spa-like experience through our luxurious formulations. Our collections will have a lasting impact on your guests’ time at your hotel by enhancing their moods and states of mind.

If you own or manage a hotel, resort, or luxury home vacation management company and are interested in joining Malie’s Amenity Program, we would love to work with you. All you need to do to get started is to fill out a wholesale application directly on our website. Once this is complete, a Malie representative will contact you to move forward.

Give your guests the luxury experience they deserve with hotel amenities that deliver. Malie: Inspired by Paradise. Powered by Science.

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