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Upgrade Your Bathing Experience With the Right Soap Refill

Lather up! It’s time to upgrade your bath or shower with Malie Organics. Whether for your hands, face, or entire body, the right cleansing products can really transform your bathing experience. It’s true that bathing is a necessity for staying clean and practicing good hygiene, but why not make it enjoyable and dare we say luxurious? After all, given its necessary nature, it might as well be something you look forward to. Rather than thinking of your daily bath or shower as something you have to do, the right soaps and soap refills could reframe this activity into something you getto do.

Turning an everyday practice into a luxurious event is easy with the right soap.

Upgrade Your Bathing Experience With the Right Soap Refill

How to Choose the Right Soap for You

The first step in choosing the right soap for you is to start with a few questions. What are you looking to get out of the bathing experience? Do you want something quick, easy, and effective? Are you looking to make it Zen, chill, and relaxing? Perhaps you want something that could work for both. With Malie, you’ll find it all. Our products are designed to effortlessly elevate your time in the tub (or shower) whether you’re in there for a quick rinse or want to soak in the suds.

Another factor to consider is if you have any skin conditions. Some people have sensitivities to certain products or ingredients. Looking at the ingredient list ahead of time is the best way to prevent adverse reactions and ensure that you get the most out of your liquid soap. Malie hand soaps and body washes contain 70% organic ingredients. Our products are also free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, and gluten. Still, even natural ingredients may affect your skin if you have a sensitivity or an allergy. Lucky for you, we prominently display all of our products’ ingredients on our website as well as on each bottle’s label, so you’ll never be met with unwanted surprises.

Criteria for Soap Refills

Now that you have an idea of what questions to ask yourself about soap and liquid soap refills, the next step is to narrow down your criteria. What is important to you when it comes to using soap?

The Ingredient Profile

We touched on this earlier, but we’ll dive deeper into how to evaluate whether or not a soap refill is right for you based on the ingredient profile. In addition to evaluating liquid soaps’ ingredients according to your skin sensitivities, it’s also important to think about your values. Does it matter to you that your refill hand soap is made with natural ingredients? Would you prefer to steer clear of soaps made with silicone, sulfates, parabens, talc, and gluten? For some people, this is a major deciding factor in the type of soap and soap refill they will purchase. For others, it is less important. It’s up to you to decide how much weight the ingredients in your liquid soap hold.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of a product is especially relevant for liquid soap refills. When evaluating shelf life, think about how frequently you plan on using this soap refill. Body washes are typically used 1-2 times per day, whereas hand soap refills will likely be used at least 5 times per day. Keep in mind that this may change based on the room in which you place the product and your daily habits. With that said, these are important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing soap refills in bulk because you’ll want to be able to estimate how long the refill will last.

Malie products have a 2 year shelf life, giving you plenty of time to use your hand soap or body wash until the very last pump.


This is a fun one: the fragrance of your soap! Who doesn’t love playing around with different aromas? Given the fact that your hand soap or liquid body wash will leave behind a lingering scent, you have to consider what it will be and how you want to smell.


Are you a fan of florals, fresh greens, and warm notes of amber? If so, koke’e is the perfect fragrance for you. This scent is available in a body wash gallon refill, a hand soap gallon refill, and several hand soap refill varieties.

Mango Nectar

Perhaps you favor something a little fruitier. If that’s the case, mango nectar soap refills are going to be your best friend. Washing with this sweet and sassy cocktail of tropical fruits is going to feel like you were kissed by the island sunshine.

Ease of Use

This is a major factor when it comes to choosing a quality liquid soap refill, whether for your hands or body. How easy the product is going to be to dispense on a regular basis matters quite a bit. After all, the easier a soap is to use, the more likely you are to actually use it…and enjoy it! Look for a liquid soap refill (both the bottle and the soap itself) that is designed with the user’s experience in mind.


A final consideration you may want to include in your checklist for the best liquid soap refills is sustainability. Hand soaps and body washes should cleanse your hands and body, but they should also promote a cleaner planet. That means that both the soaps and their containers should be made with environmentally friendly practices. Malie’s soap refills help reduce the consumption of single-use plastics while offering consumers cost-effective ways to buy in bulk.  Plus, in the event that you’re purchasing a single-use hand soap, you still don’t have to worry! Housed in new, sustainable 100% PCR bottles, our hand soaps and body washes provide another life to packaging and plastics, further ensuring the preservation of Earth’s natural resources. This helps both us and our customers remain committed to reducing the carbon footprints we leave, one sandy footprint at a time.

Bathing Experiesnce

How to Use Malie’s Soap Refills

To make the most of your bath or shower, you also have to know how to use soap refills the right way. Follow these tips and you’ll be all set.

Use Refillable Bottles

If you’re going to use a liquid soap refill, you have to have a bottle to put the soap in. Technically speaking, most bottles will do but it’s better to use a bottle specifically designed for liquid soap refills. Products that are intended to be refilled will typically be labeled as such. Alternatively, consider purchasing an empty refillable bottle just for this purpose. Malie sells empty, environmentally friendly refillable 16 oz hand soap bottles made from recyclable plastic as well as empty and refillable 16 oz glass apothecary bottles. Both of these can be paired with our 1-gallon hand soaps or body washes for a cost-saving solution that simultaneously saves resources.

Follow the Instructions

Follow the instructions and you’re going to have a significantly better experience with your liquid soap refill. 

Instructions for Using Malie Hand Soaps

Apply liberally to hands and rinse clean. Towel dry and apply the same fragrance Malie Organics’ Body Cream.

If you are using an individual bottle of Malie Hand Soap with a pump, the following directions apply:

  1. Check to verify that the pump has a pump clip attached. It will be the same color as the pump itself. Remove the clip.
  2. Ensure the circular base of the pump is screwed on tightly to the neck of the bottle by turning it clockwise.
  3. The top of the pump will indicate counterclockwise to “open” and clockwise to “close.”
  4. To open the pump, turn the top counterclockwise until you feel it click into place.
  5. To release the product, push down on the pump to prime and allow the product to make its way up the dip tube/straw. It may take 5-10 pumps for the product to dispense.
  6. To close the pump, turn the top clockwise until you feel it click into place.

Instructions for Using Malie Body Washes

Apply liberally in the shower and rinse clean. Towel dry and apply Malie Organics’ Body Cream or Beauty Oil, followed by Malie Organics’ Perfume. Enjoy in bubble baths, showers, or use as a shaving cream.

Pair with Other Products of the Same Fragrance

The final step to really elevating your shower or bath with a soap refill is to use other products in the same fragrance line. For example, if the body wash liquid soap refill you’re using is mango nectar, the best thing to do would be to also use the mango nectar shampoo and conditioner, liquid hand soap, and body lotion. Similarly, if koke’e is your fragrance of choice, bringing in other products within the koke’e scent line would be advisable. While there’s no problem mixing scents, you’ll likely have a more aromatically enjoyable experience if you keep everything in the same scent family.

Why the Soap You Choose Matters

At the end of the day, the goal with any soap you use, whether it’s hand soap or a liquid body wash, should be to make you feel good while giving you an effective clean. Malie liquid soap refills do this and so much more. Calm, serene, and tranquil, all of our products are powered by the best plant science available. With cutting-edge plant science as our guide, we handcraft luxurious products that capture the essence of the tropics so you can indulge in paradise anywhere – even in the comfort of your own bathroom!

Potent Hawaiian botanicals support our product to enhance the experience every customer gets when they use them. We are committed to not only our customers’ well-being but also that of the planet. By using natural, wild-crafted, organic ingredients and putting them in recyclable packaging, we are able to do better by you and by the environment.

In addition to our line of hand soaps, body washes, and soap refills, we also have an extensive line of skin care and hair care products. Some of our products, such as our beauty oils, can even be used on both the body and the hair for an all-in-one indulgence. Need something for the home? We have that too. Our home aromatherapy collection is carefully curated to enhance the home by giving customers a scent-astic experience they’ll love. With candles, reed diffusers, and room mist sprays, your entire home can smell and feel like the island-inspired environment you’ve been dreaming of.

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