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The Truth About Hawaiian Coffee Fruit-Based Firming Creams

The Truth About Hawaiian Coffee Fruit-Based Firming Creams

By Guest Blogger


Beauty products have evolved over the years, with many companies opting to go a more natural route. The truth is that even before beauty products were mainstream, many people still used natural remedies for their skin. It is only natural that companies move in this direction, especially given that synthetic products have many side effects. As a result, we have seen a boom in the use of natural ingredients in face-firming creams. The skin on your face is often exposed to many things and is constantly in contact with extreme weather conditions. A good natural face firming cream can go a long way to ensure your skin looks vibrant and healthy.

face firming cream

Many natural skin care products contain ingredients to firm your skin without synthetic compounds. One of these ingredients is coffee. Coffee has become a leading ingredient in facial firming creams, specifically in the form of coffee berry extract for skin. 

As you would imagine, different companies use coffee extracts from various species and parts of the world. These different coffee species are exposed to diverse environmental and weather conditions related to the area, leading to specific adaptive coffee properties, compounds and tastes.

The Active Ingredients in Hawaiian Coffee Berry Fruit-Based Firming Creams 

At Malie, one of the main ingredients in our BotanyBeauty Firming Cream is Hawaiian coffee fruit extract. This plant contains antioxidants to protect the seeds from the harsh tropical heat and other environmental conditions. As a result, the Hawaiian coffee fruit creates and stores five unique phenolic antioxidant acids more potent and effective than any other coffee derivatives used by skincare brands.

  • Chlorogenic acid: Important in reducing skin inflammation and protecting the skin from diseases like eczema and acne.
  • Caffeic acid: Contains anti-inflammatory properties and is an antioxidant. Caffeic acid can protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun and helps you look younger by firming and tightening your skin.
  • Ferulic Acid: This contains anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the appearance of new blood vessels under the skin. As a result, Ferulic Acid helps reduce skin redness and protects it against diseases such as acne.
  • Quinic Acid: Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help protect your skin. It also contains skin hydrating properties that help reduce wrinkles and redness. These hydrating properties also help cleanse the skin, making it smooth and elastic, reducing signs of aging.
  • Trigonelline: Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It helps tone the skin and brighten it through its hydrating properties. To top it off, trigonelline helps strengthen the skin and protect against irritation.

Why Does Malie Use the Hawaiian Coffee Berry Extract in Our Firming Cream?

If you’re wondering why coffee berry is used in skincare, you’ve come to the right place. The Hawaiian coffee fruits used in our products are grown in the rich volcanic soil in Hawai’i, which offers the best PH levels and nutrients for the plants to flourish. With the hot tropical sun and abundant mountain rainwater, the coffee fruits are well nourished and filled with important antioxidants and nutrients. They require 12 pounds of the coffee fruit just to produce one pound of the concentrated extract. But even with such a stringent procedure, it all boils down to how effective the product is.

  • Organic: While a product being organic does not directly correspond to its effectiveness, it does when using the Hawaiian coffee fruit as a base for our firming cream. Organic products tend to have fewer side effects on the skin since the active ingredients in the product are naturally occurring plant extracts.
  • Non-toxic: Hawaiian coffee berry extract is non-toxic because it only contains the plants’ organic compounds. Toxicity often results from a product having a high percentage of a specific compound or going through a synthetic process. Since the compounds in the product are in their natural state and not synthesized, the odds of the product negatively affecting you are low.

How Does Hawaiian Coffee Berry Extract Help Firm Skin?

Like any other organ in the body, the skin needs to be taken care of. This means going beyond soap and lotion to keep it looking healthy, especially as you age. After age 25, the body naturally starts to produce less collagen, which is the compound in the skin that tightens it. As a result, skin may start to sag, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

The properties of the Hawaiian coffee fruit help enhance the production of collagen and elastin by the body, helping it tighten up by providing better structure. But this is not the only way it can help you; there are other ways the Hawaiian coffee fruit can enhance your skin:

  • Diuretic: Coffee berry extract has diuretic properties, which means it helps flush out excess water you may be storing in your skin cells. While hydrated skin is paramount, too much water can lead to puffiness, which is the opposite of what we want when we’re aiming for a natural glow. The natural diuretic properties of coffee berry extract for skin may help you retain the necessary amount of moisture while eliminating the extra. The result is a radiant glow. 
  • Antioxidant: The Hawaiian coffee berry fruit has natural antioxidant properties that help prevent cell damage. Having antioxidants in your face firming cream is very important because of all the things that come in contact with your face. By reducing rapid skin cell degeneration, your face may look healthier and have a more refreshed, rejuvenated appearance overall. 

What are the Advantages of Using Hawaiian Coffee Berry Extract as an Active Ingredient in Face Firming Creams?

Now that you understand the science behind why the Hawaiian coffee fruit has catapulted to the top as one of the best ingredients in firming cream products, it’s time to learn about the benefits.

  • Can be used with other skin firming procedures: Using firming creams is an effective way to maintain the vibrancy of your skin. However, as you get older, it may not be enough. Some people opt for other anti-aging remedies like injections. These procedures may be more demanding of the body, making it difficult to simultaneously use your skin firming regimens. However, that won’t be a problem with Hawaiian coffee fruit extract as the base of your skin firming cream. In most cases, you’ll be  allowed to continue your normal home skincare routine regardless of the procedures you undergo. 
  • Less expensive: Many medical skin care procedures can be quite expensive, but using a firming cream is a viable yet affordable alternative. It may not be as fast-acting as surgery, but it offers a gradual effective option.
  • Fewer side effects: The natural compounds found in our Hawaiian coffee fruit extract-based facial firming creams reduce the chances of your skin reacting to the formula. 
  • Multipurpose: The best thing about our Hawaiian coffee fruit extract-based firming creams is that they can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use them to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite, help with skin problems like acne, and as an anti-aging agent. Of course, you can also use them for their primary purpose, which is simply to make your skin look healthier and smoother. 

As you can see, there is a science to back up the use of Hawaiian coffee fruit extract-based facial firming creams. Malie has gone back to the basics and the roots of beauty products (quite literally) by using natural extracts. As a Hawai’i-based company, we like to use local ingredients, including the Hawaiian coffee berry extract, to formulate effective facial creams, serums, and other skincare products. 


FAQs About Coffee Extract in Skincare

Is coffee extract good for the skin?

Coffee extract can be very good for the skin because of the many beneficial properties it contains. Caffeine may help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhance the skin’s natural radiance. This may be helpful to delay the aging process and provide a more even skin tone and complexion. 

What are the side effects of Coffee Berry extract?

Some of the main side effects people experience from using skincare products with CoffeeBerry include restored moisture, improved elasticity, enhanced softness, and more supple skin. Negative side effects are uncommon.

What are the benefits of Hawaiian coffee berry extract?

There are many benefits of Hawaiian coffee berry extract in skincare, some of which include better hydration and moisture, more elasticity, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and fewer skin discolorations. This leads to a more even skin tone and an overall better complexion. 

Is Coffee Berry really helpful for the skin?

Coffee berry and coffee fruit can be beneficial for skin by promoting collagen production. This may result in a more youthful appearance and positively contribute to one’s anti-aging efforts.


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