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Reveal the Secrets to Silky Skin Smoothness with Spa Soap Refills

Everyone wants silky smooth hands and skin, but getting there isn’t always as easy as it seems. Hand soaps are a dime a dozen. There are so many different types of hand soaps and hand soap refills out there, some of which deliver spa quality results. Look at Malie Organics’ spa soap refills, for example. Made with natural ingredients and a 70% organic formula, our hand soaps are cruelty-free, vegan, and smell simply heavenly.

Still, a fantastic aroma and a clean ingredient profile isn’t all that’s required for silky smoothness. Spa soap refills need to be made the right way and presented correctly to give your hands the indulgence they deserve.

The Right Ingredients for Hand Soaps

We mentioned it before, but the ingredient profile of a hand soap and/or hand soap refill is essential to delivering spa-quality results. Made with 70% organic ingredients and a plethora of natural components, spa hand soaps and spa soap refills from Malie Organics are evidence that what goes into a product makes all the difference.

Key ingredients in both our Mango Nectar Eco-Refill Hand Soap Refill and Koke’e Eco-Refill Hand Soap Refills include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Awapuhi Ginger
  • Spirulina Maxima Extract
  • Hawaiian Hydrosols
  • Kukui Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E

All of these ingredients work together to create a cleansing and soothing effect that moisturizes, nourishes, and rejuvenates the skin of the hands. The combination of natural ingredients like aloe vera and spa natural coconut oil, for example, enhance the calming effects of the spa-like hand spa. Hawaiian Hydrosols are naturally hydrating and therapeutic. Then there’s awapuhi extract, which is perfect for dry skin no matter the climate. Great for use after a day spent in the sun or as an everyday hand soap to clean away dirt and debris, our spa-like concoctions not only feel great, but they also smell amazing. To top it off, spa soap refills are eco-friendly as well!

Reveal the Secrets to Silky Skin Smoothness with Spa Soap Refills

Silky Smooth Hands and a Sustainable Planet

The beauty of spa soap refills for hand soap or any other body or hair products is that they maximize the good you can do for your body and for the planet. Buying in bulk is an environmentally friendly way to reduce single use plastic consumption. What’s more, when you purchase Malie’s refillable 16 oz spa soap refill bottles of Mango Nectar or Koke’e hand soap, you’ll save money, retain peace of mind, and be well-equipped to keep your hands in tip top shape for the foreseeable future.

How to Use Spa Soap Refills

Using Malie Organics spa soap refills couldn’t be easier. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to silky smooth hands in no time.

  1. Make sure the pump has the pump clip attached. It will be the same color as the pump itself.
  2. Remove the clip
  3. Ensure the circular base of the pump is screwed on tightly to the neck of the bottle. Verify this by turning it clockwise. Pro tip: the top of the pump will indicate counterclockwise to “open” and clockwise to “close”.
  4. Open the pump by turning the top counterclockwise until you feel it click into place.
  5. To dispense the product, press down on the pump to prime it and allow the soap to make its way up to the dip tube. On average, this takes 5-10 pumps.
  6. To close the pump, turn the top clockwise until you feel it click back into place.
  7. Enjoy your silky smooth hands every time you wash your hands!

In addition to our eco-friendly refillable 16 oz spa soap refill bottles, we also offer gallon-size mango nectar and koke’e nectar hand soap refills. These hand soaps can go right into your refillable 16 oz bottles or one of our eco-refill glass bottles if you’re looking to double up on home decor and hand wash solutions. Just like our 16 oz spa soap refills, our gallon-size liquids have a 2-year shelf life. This should give you plenty of time to enjoy the luxurious organic hand soap provided you use it on a daily basis, which we recommend!

Contribute to the betterment of your hands and skin while doing good by the planet when you opt for spa soap refills. Experience impressive results with natural coconut oil, heavenly scents, and nourishing formulas that will keep both your hands and the planet clean.  For additional information about our spa soap refills, we encourage you to explore our entire eco-refill line today!

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