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How to Choose the Best Tropical Shampoo: Essential Amenities

When you think of Hawai’i, your mind probably goes to the beautiful sandy beaches, the bright blue waters, and the happy, easygoing, peaceful way of life. Surrounded by smiles and people wearing lei, life in Hawai’i is pretty great. As you daydream about the Hawaiian islands, a familiar picture may come to mind – that of a woman with long, flowing hair with a flower tucked behind her ear.

It’s no secret that gorgeous hair is a highly coveted aspect of Hawaiian culture. While some of it may be due to genetics and the Hawaiian environment, there’s another component that cannot be overlooked: tropical shampoo!

If you’re on a mission to transform your shower routine into a piece of paradise, shampoo with Hawaiian hydrosols may be what you need. With that said, not all shampoos are created equally. Only certain tropical shampoos will deliver the results you’re looking for. Here at Malie Organics, our natural shampoos are packed with beneficial ingredients and are inspired by the botanical aromas of Hawai’i. Our formulas are made from 70% organic ingredients. Available in a variety of alluring scents, these tropical shampoos will have your body, mind, and hair feeling like you just left Hawai’i.


What to Look For

When you’re shopping for shampoo that will give you the look and feel of beautiful hair, it is important to keep several factors in mind.

  • Natural Shampoo. It’s always a good idea to prioritize shopping from hair care companies that use natural products in their formulas. Natural shampoos will generally be better for both you as well as the environment. The absence of harsh chemicals and inclusion of natural ingredients is the best way to capture the essence of topical island life in your locks.
  • Island Inspired. The best tropical shampoo will be one that uses ingredients inspired by the islands of Hawai’i. For Malie Organics, that means scents infused with Hawaiian aromas that are unique to our part of the world.
  • Color-Safe & Suitable for Sun. Anyone who has ever spent time in Hawai’i knows how strong the sun can be. Whether your hair is dyed or is regularly exposed to the sun, it is important that the shampoo you use can support its hydration needs. The last thing you want is to spend the day surfing and have your hair totally dried out. The highest quality shampoos will account for color treated hair and sun exposure.
  • Absence of Harmful Ingredients. Knowing what shouldn’t be in your shampoo is just as important as knowing what should be in it. Parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, PEGs, and gluten are red flags as far as we’re concerned. That’s why you’ll never see these ingredients in Malie Organics’ tropical shampoos and conditioners. Instead, we prioritize using natural ingredients that strengthen hair follicles and replenish moisture and hydration. This is the more socially and environmentally responsible way to go about hair care.
  • Recyclable Packaging. Speaking of environmentally conscious methods of manufacturing, another criterion is packaging. The best natural shampoo will come in recyclable packaging so it does not negatively impact future generations. We want our hair to look good for years to come. The only way to do that is to ensure that we have a planet that can support that mission. Malie Organics’ shampoos come in bottles made of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials (PCR), making them a sustainable choice for your hair care.

Our Scents

Now that you have a set of criteria for shopping for tropical shampoo, the next step is to choose your favorite scent! Malie Organics’ shampoos come in a range of aromas, all inspired by the scents of Hawai’i.

  • Plumeria Shampoo. Soft, sensual, floral, and with a hint of spice, Malie Organics’ Plumeria Shampoo will have your hair smelling like a sweet, Hawaiian lei.
  • Mango Nectar Shampoo. Indulge in the sweet and sassy cocktail of mouthwatering tropical fruits with Malie Organics’ Mango Nectar Shampoo. Notes of mango, orange, papaya, melon, apricot, and a musk base give this shampoo all the body and character you’ve been craving.
  • Koke’e Shampoo. Hawaii’s natural foliage of wild plants and exotic florals are expertly captured in Malie Organics’ Koke’e Shampoo. Clean and aromatic, this shampoo will instantly transport you back to the beautiful rainforests of Hawai’i.

The Malie Organics Difference

Tropical shampoo should smell amazing, but that’s not all it should do. What makes Malie Organics’ shampoos different from the others on the market is the inclusion of key beneficial ingredients. All of our shampoos feature:

  • Kukui Nut Oil. This powerful natural oil contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamins to protect scalp and condition hair. It also has regenerative properties that help hair grow longer. We’d be remiss to assume that your hair is never exposed to chemicals and free radicals. After all, we understand that you live in the modern world and these substances are all around us. Kukui helps protect against chemicals and free radicals to minimize damage.
  • Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein. This ingredient contains all 8 essential amino acids, which enhance hair’s ability to repair, protect, and condition locks. The result is enhanced volume and a softer, smoother appearance.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil. Rich in potassium and fatty acids to create healthier, stronger, more manageable hair, Macadamia Nut Oil hydrates hair without weighing it down, giving it the glossy shine we all want.

In addition to our key beneficial ingredients, all Malie Organics’ shampoos are also:

  • 70% Organic
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals.
  • Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, PEGs, and gluten.
  • Housed in bottles made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material, providing another life to packaging and plastics to ensure Earth’s extraordinary natural resources will bless future generations!
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Safe for color-treated hair.
  • Safe for sun-damaged hair.

How to Use Tropical Shampoo

To get the maximum benefits from Malie Organics’ shampoo, we recommend abiding by a 3-step approach. First, use the shampoo in the scent of your choosing however frequently you wash your hair. Our shampoos are safe for daily use.

Next, follow up with Malie Organics’ natural conditioner. Our conditioners come in the same scents as our shampoos and can be purchased separately or as a shampoo & conditioner set. We also offer mini travel-size shampoos and conditioners so you can take a little piece of Hawaiian hair care with you wherever you go.

Last but not least, consider using Malie Organics’ Beauty Oil. Available in the same scents as the shampoos and conditioners, our beauty oil also comes in Coconut Vanilla, Pikake, Pineapple, and Tiare. The botanical oils within these products are safe for the body and hair. Use on wet or dry hair to enhance shine and to help with frizz control.

Bringing Hawai’i into your everyday hair care routine is easier than ever with Malie Organics. Our tropical shampoos, conditioners, and beauty oils are designed to keep your strands healthy and your hair smelling heavenly. Shop now to experience the difference of natural shampoos with Hawaiian scents for yourself today!

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