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Exploring Cruelty Free Skin Care Products For a Better World

Looking to upgrade your skin care routine without harming the planet? Cruelty free skin care is the way to go. Ethical, socially responsible, and high quality, cruelty free skin care products offer a more humane and compassionate approach to keeping your skin in its best possible condition. If you’ve been eyeing cruelty free skin care brands and products for a while but haven’t made the switch, you’ve come to the right place. The information here will give you a comprehensive overview and set you on the right path. Read on to learn more about what cruelty free skin care is, why it’s important, and where to find the best products.

What is Cruelty Free Skin Care?

The world of skin care and cosmetics is a mystery to many. The “behind the scenes” action that goes into the products we use on our skin each and every day would surprise most people. Beauty and skin care is meant to enhance the way we look and bring out our best selves. Unfortunately, some skin care companies use ingredients and testing procedures that are anything but beautiful.

Cruelty free skin care products are those that have never been tested on animals. The sad truth is that many beauty and cosmetic products are regularly tested on animals as part of efficacy and safety procedures. While it is important to test all skin care products before they go to market, doing it on animals is not what ethical skin care and beauty brands are all about.

In addition to the more humane approach cruelty free skin care brands take, the products themselves also tend to be better for the skin. Formulas are typically cleaner, as the ingredient profile is likely to not contain harsh substances.


Who is Cruelty Free Skin Care For?

If you’re wondering whether cruelty free skin care is right for you, the answer is yes! Clean skin care is for everyone, regardless of their age or skin concerns. Everyone should prioritize shopping cruelty free when it comes to what they put on their face and body. While this would be advantageous for all people, it is especially important for those with sensitive skin and skin conditions. Additionally, it goes without saying, but cruelty free products are also the wisest choice for individuals who care deeply about the environment – that includes both the planet and our furry friends.

Malie Organics’ BotanyBeauty: Clean & Cruelty Free

Malie Organics is committed to preserving the integrity of our planet, which includes ethical treatment of all beings who inhabit it. It is with this mentality that BotanyBeauty Malie Organics’ line of cruelty free skin care products, was born. Organic, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and powered by plant science, the products within our BotanyBeauty skin care line adhere to the same stringent principles as the rest of the products under Malie Organics. All are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. We are passionate about the well being of both our customers as well as that of the environment. Our clean skin care products are made responsibly so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin and the lack of harm it is causing to others.


Our Cruelty Free Skin Care Line

Cruelty free is the way to be. Do it right with Malie’s BotanyBeauty, a comprehensive line of skin care products that have never been and will never be tested on animals. In addition to being cruelty free, our skin care products are also vegan and free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, alcohol, PEGs, gluten, and artificial components. BotanyBeauty has everything you need to look and feel your best.

BotanyBeauty Firming Cream

This rich, hydrating moisturizer uses five superior antioxidants to repair cell damage and neutralize free radicals that contribute to aging. With anti-inflammatory properties and natural anti-bacterial qualities, the BotanyBeauty Firming Cream helps promote the appearance of clear, glowing skin.

Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract contains five powerful phenolic antioxidant acids to yield visibly impressive results. This cruelty free moisturizer also contains Chlorogenic and Caffeic acid to improve the appearance of firmness while enhancing skin’s elasticity. Ferulic Acid works to combat the visible effects of UV and environmental exposure, while Quinic Acid and Trigonelline enhances a brighter complexion.

Great for use in the morning and evening and suitable for all ages, this clean moisturizer can be used with Malie Organics’ Cleansing Polish for even more radiant looking skin.

BotanyBeauty Cleansing Polish

Stay polished to perfection with our cruelty free cleansing polish. This gentle exfoliant helps remove dead skin cells to improve skin tone and reveal a more youthful appearance. Hibiscus Flowers, Olive Seed Powder, and Cranberry Seeds create a natural exfoliating facial treatment while plant-based Amino Acids help retain moisture while addressing fine lines and wrinkles. All the while, Rhubarb and Tangerine Extract cleanse, tone, and condition the skin to promote a more refined complexion.

Great for use day or night, this clean cleansing polish is best applied to moist skin. Follow up with Malie Organics’ Illuminating Moisturizer or Serum to complete your skin care routine.

BotanyBeauty Illuminating Serum

Light, easily absorbent, and hydrating, the BotanyBeauty Illuminating Serum is equal parts calming and invigorating. This skin care product is a blend of organic essential oils designed to help balance oil production in the skin while moisturizing. Vitamins and omega fatty acids combine with plant emollients to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The result is a revitalized, rejuvenated complexion that you’ll love.

This cruelty free serum is suitable for all ages and skin types, but is especially useful for those with concerns related to dullness, dryness, hormonal imbalances, breakouts, redness, and irritation. The 70% organic ingredient profile contains high quality essential oils including Jojoba Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Oil, Argan Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Jasmine Oil, and Rose Oil.

BotanyBeauty Illuminating Moisturizer

When searching for a cruelty free moisturizer, BotanyBeauty’s Illuminating Moisturizer is the way to go. Complete with everything you need to keep your skin supple and appearing youthful, firm, and glowing, this clean moisturizer will help you on your skin care journey.

Designed to enhance collagen and restore skin’s naturally healthy flow, our Illuminating Moisturizer contains Organic Lavender to enhance collagen bundles and restore healthy skin. It uses Clove Essential Oil, Organic Juniper, and organic Cayenne to combat excessive oil production while allowing blemished skin to thoroughly heal. Safe for all skin types, this cruelty free moisturizer should be applied to makeup-free skin.

BotanyBeauty Hydrosol Facial Tonic

Feel fresh and revitalized with the BotanyBeauty Hydrosol Facial Tonic. This blend of 100% pure Jasmine and Rose Hydrosols captures the true essence of these flowers and transports them onto your skin. Both flowers have mild astringent properties to help reduce the appearance of pores, cleanse the skin, and minimize oil production. This cruelty-free toner helps neutralize the skin while helping reduce redness and skin irritation.

Not only is this clean skin care product suitable for all skin types, but it can also be used to set makeup, hydrate the skin, or revitalize curls if sprayed on the hair.

This versatile facial tonic is not only cruelty-free, it also has soothing aromatherapy qualities, making it a go-to choice for anyone looking to enhance their self care regimen.

BotanyBeauty Kaua’i Clay Mask

Create your own at-home spa with cruelty free skin care in the form of this clay mask. The Kaua’i Clay Mask contains indigenous clay to draw out impurities and minimize the presence of pores. With Noni, Kava, and Awapuhi Ginger included in this formula, your skin will be cleansed and hydrated.

Ideal for those looking to gently detoxify without causing irritation, the BotanyBeauty Kaua’i Clay Mask is simple yet effective. To reap the benefits of this skin mask, blend 1 tsp of Kau’i Clay with 3 tbsp warm water to form a smooth paste. Apply a thin layer of the mixture to the face and neck and let it dry for 3 minutes before you rinse it off. Follow up with Illuminating Moisturizer or Illuminating Serum to complete your replenishing skin care routine. 

BotanyBeauty Luxe Eye Cream

Take care of your eyes as you do the rest of your skin – with gentle, loving care. The BotanyBeauty Luxe Eye Cream is the age-defying clean skin care product you need for  a smoother, firmer appearance around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is delicate and should be treated with the utmost care. Botanical Hyaluronic Acids help improve hydration while plant based Alpha Hydroxy Acids reduce visible signs of aging. Great for all skin types and individuals of all ages, this cruelty free eye cream is specifically designed for those with concerns related to fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin, and puffiness.

BotanyBeauty Box

Get your favorite cruelty free skin care products together in one easy package with Malie’s BotanyBeauty Box. Great as a gift set for a friend or yourself, this beauty box contains the BotanyBeauty Cleansing Polish, Hydrosol Facial Tonic, Illuminating Serum, and Luxe Eye Cream. Putting these products together in one cohesive package will give you the full spa treatment, 100% cruelty-free.

What to Look for When Shopping Cruelty Free

Cruelty free is not just a fad – it’s a way of life. At Malie Organics, we believe that the best things in life are built with love. Inspired by Kauai’s natural bounty, Malie was founded based on integrity, quality, and a commitment to preserving nature’s most precious resources. It is with this mindset that we create all of our cruelty free skin care products.

When you’re shopping for cruelty free skin care, beauty, and cosmetics, there are a few things to pay special attention to. Some of these include:

  • Manufacturer’s information. What the manufacturer says (or doesn’t say) about their commitment to remaining cruelty-free will give you an idea about their practices. Most cruelty free skin care companies will proudly make it known that they refrain from all animal testing.
  • Sourcing information. How and where a company gets their ingredients may be a factor to consider for cruelty free skin care and cosmetics. While there are many ways to go about sourcing, the most environmentally responsible and ethical methods tend to be local and made domestically.
  • Ingredient profile. Not only is the lack of animal testing crucial for clean skin care, but so are the ingredients within the products. Check out the ingredient profiles and formulas of the skin care products you are evaluating to see if they contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, silicone, petrochemicals, talc, gluten, and artificial ingredients. While a small concentration of some of these ingredients may be necessary in certain circumstances, the goal is to have as little of them within the skin care products you use as possible.

Your skin, the planet, and our world’s furry friends will thank you for making the switch to cruelty free skin care. Not only is this a more humane and compassionate method, but it’s also the better choice for your beauty regimen. Cruelty free skin care products tend to be cleaner and more natural. Clean formulas made from nature’s finest ingredients are better tolerated by our skin for a reason. They are the products we’re meant to use. Instead of fighting nature’s way, we choose to embrace it.

Exploring cruelty free skin care is the first step towards a cleaner, safer planet for all beings. Not only does Malie’s BotanyBeauty skin care line provide the highest quality cruelty free products, but our other body, hair, and home products are also responsibly sourced and ethically made as well. Our products use recyclable packaging and are proudly made in the USA to promote local manufacturing. Inspired by paradise and powered by the best plant science available, Malie Organics is the better choice for your body and skin.

Shop cruelty free skin care products directly from our site today!

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