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The History of Tiare Flower Uses

Foraging for a new floral scent? Might we suggest the Tiare flower? The Tahitian Gardenia may be the national flower of Tahiti, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable throughout the tropical islands of Hawai’i. Beautiful in looks and even more heavenly in scent, Tiare flowers are aromatic, alluring, and culturally significant. When fully bloomed, this flower displays between five to eight long, white petals laid out in the shape of a pinwheel or star. The center of the Tiare flower is a gold yellow, which fades to white as the petals elongate.

Best of all, the Tiare scent is one of the newest additions to our beauty and body care products here at Malie Organics. Learn more about the various roles Tiare flowers play and why theirs will be your new favorite scent.

What is the Tiare Flower?


Some people refer to the Tiare flower as Gardenia Taitensis, aka the Tahitian Gardenia. Fragrant and fresh, the Tiare flower is a symbol of love and purity in Polynesian culture.  In addition to its symbolic importance and cultural significance, the flower is also a staple for practical use in the beauty industry. When soaked in coconut oil, Tiare flower creates a compound known as monoi oil, which is widely used in hair care and skin care products. Interestingly enough, monoi oil also makes a great insect repellent.

About the Tiare Flower Scent

Described by many as a fragrant floral with rich undertones, this scent contains notes of earthiness paired with a fruit, sweet freshness akin to plumeria. You may also detect a warm vanilla aroma mixed with tropical coconut, especially in Malie’s Tiare products. That’s because ours is a classic monoi, which is a blend of Tiare flower, coconut, and vanilla.

How Have Tiare Flowers Been Used Throughout History?

Not only are Tiare flowers beautiful to look at and smell, but they have also been a vital component of Polynesian culture and history. Legend has it that the Tiare flower was introduced to humans by the God Atea as a sign of peace. It was offered to humans with an extensive amount of pride in an effort to tame their prideful ways and adopt a more altruistic lifestyle. Polynesian mythology says the flower worked its powers and has since been a symbol of love, purity, and harmony. Another Polynesian tale associates the Tiare flower with Hina, the goddess of the moon, fertility, and feminine energy. The story says that Hina wore the Tiare flower in her hair as a symbol of her divine power and beauty.

The flower’s white petals represent purity and innocence while the yellow center reflects a bright spirit. These days, you’ll see the Tiare flower regularly used in traditional dance, song, and artwork not only in Tahiti but also in other tropical places like Hawai’i.

Cultural Significance of the Tiare Flower

Given the historical and mythological context of the Tiare flower, it’s no wonder that it is regularly used in art as well as traditional ceremonies. It has become the national flower of Tahiti as well as of several Cook Islands in the Pacific.

How Tiare Flower is Used Today

These days, it’s common for the Tiare flower to be used in a variety of beauty products. As previously mentioned, the flower releases potent benefits when soaked in coconut oil. Doing this creates monoi oil, which is widely used as a tropical skin and hair care product all around the world.

Tiare and Monoi Oil: The Benefits

The benefits of monoi oil are plentiful. In fact, some people consider it to be the secret to healthy hair and skin. While most reports are anecdotal, people say monoi oil has the potential to help with acne, cellulitis, and folliculitis when applied directly to the skin.

When used as a hair care product, monoi oil can be nourishing for the scalp and hair. This is due to the presence of coconut oil combined with the Tiare flower. Together, this combination may help strengthen, enhance shine, reduce split ends, and reduce frizz.

Just to recap, the benefits of Tiare for skin include help with:

  • Inflammation
  • Acne
  • Certain skin conditions like eczema and contact dermatitis
  • Dryness
  • Bacteria
  • Skin healing

The potential benefits of Tiare for hair include improving hair’s:

  • Strength
  • Split ends
  • Brightness
  • Shininess
  • frizz

Malie Organics’ Tiare Flower Products

Malie Organics is devoted to bringing our customers the best tropical beauty products from around the world. Tiare is the newest aroma to be introduced to our collection. We currently offer it in a limited selection of products.

  • Tiare Body Gloss

    Discover the luster of a lip gloss in a moisturizer for your body with Malie’s Body Gloss. This organic blend of botanical butters effortlessly glides onto the skin and gets absorbed immediately, leaving you with a silky radiance you’ll love. Body gloss lasts longer than lotion without leaving behind a greasy residue. Best of all, the warm Tiare scent brings out the best of Hawai’i’s sister islands of Tahiti.

  • Malie
  • Malie
  • Tiare Beauty Oil

    Handcrafted from a blend of botanical oils that work synergistically for the benefits of your skin, our Beauty Oils are versatile and indulgent. They can be used as a dry oil, for hair hydration, as a post-shower moisturizer, or in the bath to enhance the aroma of your environment.

  • Tiare Body Polish

    Exfoliate your stressors away with Malie Organics’ Body Polish. This gentle exfoliant nourishes and hydrates skin to deliver the silky-smooth, glowing feeling you’ve always been after.

  • Malie
  • Malie
  • Tiare Perfume Oil (Roll-On)

    Can’t get enough of that Tiare flower scent? Bring it with you wherever you go with the Tiare Perfume Oil. This transportable roll-on perfume lets you experience the refreshing, soft scent of organic tropical fragrances whether you’re at home or on the move. Great for travel, this roll-on easily fits in a clutch or purse, making it the perfect way to give yourself a fragrant refresh.

  • Tiare Eau De Parfum

    Those who want to make Tiare their signature scent will love the Eau De Parfum. This organic perfume brings in an exotic aroma that is perfect for everyday use. Suitable for all skin types, our perfumes leave you with a light and tropical fragrance you’ll love.

  • Malie
  • Malie
  • Tiare Soy Candle

    Enhance the scent of your entire room with a Malie Organics’ Soy Candle. Our botanical blend of tropical coconut, aromatic vanilla, and Tiare result in a classic Monoi that will transform the ambiance of any space. Best of all, Malie’s petroleum-free soy candles burn from a 100% cotton wick and last for 60 hours.

  • Tiare Luxe Cream Soap

    Luxe is in the name for a reason. Our organic Luxe Cream Soaps are handcrafted with aloha and are full of amazingly nourishing botanical oils and butters. We use a cold press process to preserve the maximum benefits of the botanicals so your skin can feel its absolute best. This long lasting bar soap delivers such thick, rich suds that it can be used in place of your shaving cream. Our Luxe Cream Bar Soaps smell fantastic and work just as well. Take yourself right back to vacation and feel refreshed and anew while doing it.

  • Malie

Tiare flowers are the hidden treasure you didn’t know you needed. Derived from Hawai’i’s sister islands of Tahiti, this tropical flower blooms as vibrantly as the shining sun. Indulge yourself in the floral scent with Malie Organics’ Tiare-scented beauty products. Shop today!

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