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All About The Malie Hibiscus Collection

| Review | Malie Organics Hibiscus Collection 

Liz Quach • Pretty Is My Profession Blog • November 2017

At the end of the day, nothing feels better than a warm bath or shower and a little pampering. Especially as the days get colder, my whole body is needing more love than usual. High quality bath and body products is something anyone can enjoy and I never complain about receiving them as gifts. Thank you Malie Organics for very kindly sending me this beautiful collection of products!

I have been using Malie Organics for months now and I LOVE their luxurious island inspired fragrances! Malie Organics is a Hawaiian luxury spa line that uses all natural and organic ingredients. Through the use of local ingredients and methods they create this truly exceptional line of products. The range is massive and they have the most beautiful scents like Mango Nectar (a personal favorite), Plumeria, and this Hibiscus collection. Malie Organics offers even more scents and a whole range of products from body to hair, and even home products!

The Hibiscus Collection is described on the packaging as sophisticated, clean, and fresh and it couldn't be more accurate! This scent is is very clean and fresh but not like laundry and not too grassy. It reminds me of fresh tropical rain. It has very sophisticated complexity to it that makes the fragrance more than your typical "clean" scent. This is fragrance that anyone can appreciate and wear, which makes it the perfect gifting scent because of it's versatility!

All About The Malie Hibiscus Collection

Here is the aroma description from the Malie Organics site:

Hibiscus : Feel the trade winds touch your skin and bask in the serenity of the islands. Hibiscus opens like a saltwater breeze. Crisp ocean air unites with the hypnotic aromas of fresh hibiscus blossoms and creamy ylang-ylang with a harmonious dry-down of white musk and moss. Immerse yourself in the tranquil spirit of aloha. Top: Melon, Greens Mid: Hibiscus, Ozone, Ylang Base: Moss, Musk
For a luxury body range, the pricing is incredibly reasonable! I have bought body products from Bath & Body Works to Jo Malone, and I definitely feel this brand is on par with luxury brands like Jo Malone and Molton Brown but with pricing just above Bath & Body Works! I believe for the exceptional quality and organic/natural ingredients the pricing is amazing! I have spent much more on products for clean ingredients but they don't feel nearly as nice and luxurious as these!

The Hibiscus collection is housed in beautiful white, gold, and red packaging. It looks so luxurious and beautiful on your bathroom counter. The colors are quite festive for the upcoming holiday season!

The natural skincare products in the Hibiscus collection include:

All About The Malie Hibiscus Collection
Hibiscus Body Polish - I LOVE their body scrubs because they have large crystals that are the perfect "abrasiveness" to scrub the skin but isn't too harsh on the skin. Personally, I prefer my scrubs to have these large particles because the fine scrubs don't seem to do anything for my skin. What I love most about this scrub is the oils in the product. The oils make the scrub so luxurious and make your skin feel so hydrated and soft afterwards. My skin feels so hydrated, I don't feel the need to apply a moisturizer but sometimes I like to anyways. It is a very luxurious and pampering experience to use this scrub and it works so well for removing dead skin and retexturizing your skin. The fresh scent makes you feel so clean and refreshed!

Hibiscus Body Wash - Housed in a pump bottle package, this pearly liquid body wash glides over the skin, lathering just a tiny bit but really cleansing and hydrating the skin! The pump bottle also has a locking mechanism, which I love for travel or to prevent accidental spillage. I'm usually very wary of body washes because many of them dry up, my already very dry skin, but this one is so gentle and hydrating. My skin feels clean and soft but without feeling stripped. If you don't believe in buying luxury body care products, you will after you try this body wash!

Hibiscus Body Cream - Also packaged in the pump bottle packaging, the body cream has a very light creamy texture that smooths over the skin like a dream! These light-weight body lotions often aren't hydrating enough for my skin but this one seems to be much more hydrating. This is perhaps because of the organic.natural ingredients that naturally nourish and hydrate the skin. I often find many lotions make my skin feel drier than before I using it but not with this lotion! After using my scrub or body wash, I apply this product and it absorbs fairly quickly into my skin. It doesn't have a sticky or greasy texture, just very creamy and hydrating! It is so rare to find a lotion that doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue on the skin. After thirty minutes, my skin just feels so supple and soft!
All About The Malie Hibiscus Collection

Hibiscus Body Gloss - This is by far the most unique product from the Malie Organics brand! Instead of a shimmering body oil, (something that many companies offer) Malie Organics has a Body Gloss. What is a body gloss? It is essentially a creamy shimmering gloss-like product. Don't worry though, it isn't sticky at all! The product has the consistency of a gloss (at room temp*) but feels like an oil as it glides onto your skin, leaving a beautiful glowy sheen and also hydrated the skin! The shimmers are very fine and it doesn't contain large chunks of sparkle. It gives a healthy skin glow!

*Be aware that it is a gloss consistency when it is at room temperature (about 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit), if your home is colder, the product will appear solid. This is due to the natural ingredients, like coconut oil and macadamia nut butter, contained inside causes to product to solidify at colder temperatures. To use it when it has solidified, just take a bowl of warm water and let it sit until it becomes a viscous liquid consistency. Trust me when I say, its worth a little extra work to use this in cold weather, it make your skin look and feel so beautiful! I love this more than my shimmering body oils especially in the colder months! This product makes my skin looks "super-model glowy" and keeps it so hydrated! This is great for the holiday season with upcoming holiday parties!

All About The Malie Hibiscus Collection

Hibiscus Beauty Oil - This body oil is housed in a beautiful glass bottle and the ultimate luxurious body treat. This dry oil smooths onto the skin and instantly absorbs, leaving no greasy texture on the skin. It feels especially amazing after a warm shower. It just feels ultra moisturizing and nourishing. With the fresh scent, I feel shower-fresh and pampered! This is one of my favorite products from their line. I think they make an exceptional body oil that is comparable to other luxury brands but for a fraction of the price!

Malie Organics is an exceptional brand and they have so many products and beautiful scents to offer.  I feel there is something for everyone in their line. I have to say one of my favorite fragrances is their Mango Nectar, it is a very sophisticated fruity fragrance. The Hibiscus collection is a close second for me because it is so fresh and can work for anyone. If you are looking for a great gift, I highly recommend turning to Malie Organics. They are a great company and offer so many amazing products.

- Liz Quach, Pretty Is My Profession
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