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Botany Beauty - An Honest Review

Malie Organics, is quite possibly my favourite brand around! I hold Malie Organics so close to my heart as they have inspired so much of my Green Beauty journey. The maker, Dana, has created such a beautiful line of products for the body including Beauty Oils, Scrubs, Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioners and even Soy Candles – all scented with beautiful Hawaiian ingredients.

So how did I come to love this brand as much as I do?

Flashback to June 2017, when I wandered into the Malie Organics store at the Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu. I was met by such a lovely sales assistant, I kick myself for not knowing her name. If I had any questions they were swiftly answered with passion before I was left to wonder the store and smell the beautiful products.

So nearly a year later, when Malie Organics announced they were creating a skin care range, I was extremely excited! It was to be called Botany Beauty, with three new products complementing the very popular Firming Cream.


The Firming Cream is not pictured here, however I purchased this in December and want to include it in my review. This cream repairs the skin and is full of antioxidants that assist with ageing and fine lines. I love how thick this cream is, but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The use of Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract excites me, with the Malie Organics website quoting this as having more antioxidant power than any other fruit source. Available for $45.00 USD

The three new products to the Botany Beauty line are;
* Cleansing Polish
* Illuminating Moisturizer
* Luxe Eye Cream


Cleansing Polish – $49.00 USD

My favourite out of the Botany Beauty range, I absolutely adore the jelly like texture, refreshing scent and the use of Hibiscus Petals, Ground Olive Seeds, and Cranberry Seeds to exfoliate the skin! I believe this is gentle enough to use every night if you wanted to, with only a small amount being needed. However generally, I use this every second night. I really wish you could smell this one! So good!

The Cleansing Polish is on my shopping list for November when I am back in Hawaii!


Luxe Eye Cream – $48.00 USD

The Luxe Eye Cream is generously sized, with a handy pump  for ease of application.
The consistency of the cream is light, with a fresh botanic scent that isn’t heavy, and as I found, didn’t irate my eye area. When I apply this to my under eye area I feel an immediate cooling sensation.

I remember using Witch Hazel when I was a teenager, and I find it interesting it’s still used today! The inclusion of Witch Hazel in the Luxe Eye Cream assists with reducing puffiness (which I’m fairly certain was my aim as a teen and minimising my spots!).


Illuminating Moisturizer – $46.00 USD

Why use a primer when you have the Illuminating Moisturizer, well that’s what I’ve found! The Illuminating Moisturiser has an almost pearl like colour to it, when massaged into the skin it creates a dewy base perfect for foundation.
That’s not to say you can’t use it at night, with ingredients such as aloe vera to add moisture to the skin and allows the skin to work on repairing itself.

The Moisturizer contains Clove and until I looked up the ingredients, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what smelt so good!


The perfect family of four, all of the products would go well in any skin care routine. As I mentioned above, I absolutely adore the Cleansing Polish.
Could it be due to my love of cleansers? Possibly! It’s fun to work between my fingers before massaging into my face!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the new Botany Beauty line from Malie Organics!

Renee, The Happy Organic Girl

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