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Malie Organics Koke'e Luxe Spa Box


I Like To Talk A Lot, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog • July 11, 2022 


malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog

Malie Organics is a Hawaii-based skincare brand that only uses locally sourced organic ingredients in its products. Their signature is utilizing Hawaiian hydrosols, extracting the most beneficial parts of nature to soothe and rejuvenate the skin within a therapeutic formula. Currently, they are celebrating switching all their products to 100% PCR materials, keeping in line with their eco-friendly format. 

The item sent to me was their koke’e Luxe Spa Box. I was curious what the other scents were like, and tend to always pick something with coconut, so I went with a fresh scent this time, Koke’e.

malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog

Koke’e sounded like it would smell like a fresh tropical forest to me. Lush greens, with hints of Jasmine, Muguet, Amber, and Tonka. I imagine it smelling like the first big breath of fresh air in the morning when you walk out on your hotel balcony over there. I think I want to go so bad, I can picture it in my mind! 

The Luxe Spa Box is definitely a gift-worthy set, so if you have someone close who enjoys anything Hawaiian or tropical, this is something to consider. Additionally, these are more expensive individually, so if you want to get things for yourself, just get the set and save a few dollars. 

malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog


Malie Organics Beauty Oil is multi-purpose and can be used from head-to-toe. As someone who has maybe a little too many options at home, using a multi-purpose is helpful in reducing clutter and the amount of product I keep out in my bathroom. 

The beauty oil is a custom blend of a few nourishing botanical oils like jojoba, grapeseed, and macadamia to name a few, and is housed in an easy-to-control pump bottle. One drop for my hair is all that I need at a time to help reduce frizz and increase shine for my hair.  You can add a few drops directly to a bath, but I  like to mix this with body lotion to extend the fragrance time frame from these beautiful products. Throughout the day you can add a drop or two here or there to replenish the skin and get a little fragrance boost. 

I probably wouldn’t travel with this packaging as I’d be afraid of it twisting open in a bag, but if you feel the need to travel with oil, I’d decant some into a smaller bottle that can be closed better for luggage. 

malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog


I use body creams and lotions regularly, and often while living in the desert. You just dry up while living here — it’s a fact! Putting on lotion more than once a day is a thing for me, so I want something that will absorb nicely, moisturize well, and (hopefully) smells pretty! 

Two high fives for how well this lotion absorbs — something extra important in the Summers when you start sweating the minute you step out of the shower. This lotion dries down to a natural finish and leaves skin smooth to the touch. I feel moisturized, but not greasy, sticky, or leaving oil prints anywhere. 

Ahwapuhi, aloe and chamomile can be found in Malie Body Cream, and I think they are excellent choices for my sun-beat skin. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, this cream deeply hydrates with the help of coconut and kukui nut oil, and my skin in loving it – especially after pool time when my skin is in dire need of replenishment.

malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog


This was a product I was very excited to try. I have never heard of a body gloss before, but I love my legs having a little sheen or gleam to them.  Malie Organics Body Gloss is a semi-solid moisturizer housed in a jar. It looks like straight coconut oil when it’s solidified, but smells so much more amazing! Body gloss is to be used anywhere you want some extra shine!

After moisturizing my legs, I can add a small dab of this to add shine to my calves. I can glide some across my collarbone and shoulders too!

malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog

The body gloss is made from whipped organic coconut oil combined with mango butter, aloe butter, macadamia nut butter, and candelilla wax. It’s rich in vitamins A, C and E that can regenerate while omegas help lock in moisture and repair the barrier

A little can go a very long way so start off small and go back for more if needed. I like to think of this as my concentrated moisturizer. One that makes my legs and collarbone shine, but can offer deep hydration if focused on specific areas. I can only imagine how smooth legs feel pairing their body polish (scrub) with this body gloss!

malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog


Have you ever seen a bar of soap that’s too pretty to use, friends? That’s my dilemma here with Malie’s Luxe Cream Soap!  The imprint of their logo is pressed into this bar of soap and it’s gorgeous! This is the bar of soap you want on display in your guest bath –but don’t want them to touch!

Malie offers cold-pressed soap, so that no ingredient is subject to high heat processing, affecting their skin-loving benefits. It uses coconut oil and olive oil, both of which are known to moisturize and replenish the skin while serving as a source of antioxidants, and cocoa butter to aid in moisturization. 

I’m having a hard time using this only because it’s so pretty. To test its sudsing power I wet the back of the bar to create bubbles without messing up the front. Yes…I am a weirdo. Yes, I kept this bar of soap away from everyone else in the house. Lol

I am a huge fan of this nature-inspired skincare brand and love how it makes my skin look, feel and smell. Truly, a treat for anyone who loves all things tropical. A piece of Hawaii in my home to enjoy!

Purchase the set here: Koke’e Luxe Spa Box

Malie Organics is paraben-free, sulfate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. They are moving toward all plastic-housed products being switched to PCR materials. 

malie organics koke'e luxe spa box review by iliketotalkblog

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