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Malie Hawaiian Hydrosols

Malie Organics' Hawaiian Hydrosols

Malie brings the gentle, soothing essence of Hawai‘i to you by distilling the tropical flora to create our very own, pure Hawaiian Hydrosols, which we infuse into our products. These delicate floral waters capture every element of the plant and all of its therapeutic gifts and benefits at the molecular level. They contain the truest essence of the plant, forming the heart of our signature aroma collections.

The beautifully aromatic flowers and delicious fruits of our exotic paradise offer us a world of therapeutic gifts far beyond their wonderful aromas and tastes. But the water-based properties of our tropical flora of Hawaii can be as fragile as they are fragrant, so we use a technologically advanced process to distill them into delicate floral waters, pure Hawaiian Hydrosols.

Each hydrosol is a hologram of the entire plant – from root to leaf, flower to fruit – intensifying and focusing the therapeutic power of its aroma and fluids. These subtle, aromatic waters are a safe alternative to essential oils because they can be applied directly to the skin. The hydrosol embodies the true essence of the flower, its very soul, in every drop. The soothing and rejuvenating aloha spirit of our tropical flowers is carried directly to you through the sensual magic of the hydrosols in each Malie Organics product and treatment.

Hydrosol Distillation

Our handcrafted Hawaiian Hydrosols are created through hydrodistillation, a process in which the essential molecular content of plants and flowers are extracted in water. Small batches of the plant material are heated while immersed in water inside a glass distillation system. The cellular qualities of the plant are captured and condensed in the resulting steam. As the vapor transforms back to liquid form, it immediately resonates with the molecular frequency of the plant and virtually identifies with it. This water solution or carrier medium used in the distillation process becomes the pure hydrosol.

The same advanced technology that produces our hydrosols was perfected to create potent phytoceuticals for medicinal purposes. The Kahunas, Hawaii's traditional spiritual medicine practitioners, would call the vibration translated through the hydrosol, the "aloha spirit" of the plant. Since the origin of Hawaiian indigenous culture, the special flora of the Garden Isle has been used for healing body, mind and spirit. Malie Organics continues this tradition through our pure hydrosol aromatherapy.

"I'm so grateful you make the effort to distill your own hydrosols, it makes all the difference in the world!" Shayna Teicher at Butterfly Effect in Sarasota, FL