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About Malie

The essence of organic beauty.  Malie, pronounced mah-lee-ay, is calm, serene tranquility.

Malie takes its inspiration from Hawaii’s natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle, reflected in our brand. Offering all-natural organic, Hawaiian luxury spa and beauty products embodying the magnificence of Hawaii and its tropical flora.

Honoring our roots in Hawaii, we use only indigenous and local Hawaiian flora to create this extraordinary line. The flourishing rainforests of Hawaii offer the purest and most fragrant flowers and luscious fruits in the world. From this environment, we've created Malie: luxurious natural and organic products for your home, body and spirit. Preserving the botanical benefits of these fruits and flowers, each product embodies our Hawaiian Hydrosols – the gentle floral waters that contain every element of the plant at the molecular level.

Every ingredient in Malie's products is safe and nontoxic, with absolutely no petroleum, mineral spirits, sulfates or parabens. Because of our commitment to your health, well-being and the environment, we use only all-natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients, approved for use in cosmetics by the Natural Products Association. Malie does not test on animals or use animal products.

Malie Organics' ingredients range from cultivated organic harvests to the rare wild-crafted plants of our rainforests. All of our ingredients are sustainably grown, ensuring constant renewal. We make all of our Malie products in the USA, drawing on the talent and time-honored traditions of local artisans. Malie is dedicated to strengthening our Hawaiian way of life so we can continue to share the gifts of paradise with you.

The Creator


Malie was founded in 2004 on the Garden Island of Kauai by husband and wife team, Shaun and Dana Roberts. Drawing inspiration from the amazing island in which they live, and captivated by the beautiful essence, Shaun and Dana wanted to share it with the world through the amazing ingredients that the islands have to offer, stimulating the creation of Malie and a beautiful collection of natural and organic products. 

As the company grew, and as Shaun and Dana continued to research and develop natural and organic ingredients into products for Malie, they discovered the antioxidant power of Hawaiian coffee fruit and created KonaRed. In 2007, Shaun left Malie to focus solely on the development and management of their new brand (KonaRed), leaving the management of Malie to Dana who continues to be the vision behind Malie and is involved with every detail, from product development to packaging and marketing to retail store design. Still based on Kauai, Malie is run by Dana and her team from their office headquarters in Poipu.

The Lotus Symbol

Malie’s logo, the lotus symbol, is a regal, stylized lotus – one of the most beautiful and celebrated flowers in the world. The lotus blossoms in muddy water, slips beneath the surface and emerges clean and untouched at dawn. Ancient cultures revere it as a mystical symbol of long life, honor, good fortune, and especially, purity of heart and mind. It is said that the lotus transforms the dark waters of attachment to float above in enlightened bliss.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Malie is committed to making educated choices that have a positive effect on our environment. We believe it is important to work together in our communities to find solutions and change the way we live and consume. For us, being green is essential to daily living, influencing the choices we make and the actions that follow. Malie is passionate about supporting others in making incremental efforts to green their lives.


Malie has named our koke‘e collection in honor of Hawaii's oldest rainforest where unique, indigenous vegetation and native wildlife thrive in these close to 13,000 acres of rugged, beautiful terrain. Lush, green and vibrant with life! The exotic aroma of the Koke‘e forest envelopes you, filling you with peace, joy and tranquility. Malie is dedicated to protecting this precious forest and the life within and donates one percent of sales from our koke‘e aroma collection to the Koke‘e Resource Conservation Program.


Toll Free Phone: 866.767.5727
Local Phone: 808.332.6220
Fax: 808.332.6225

Mailing Address:
PO Box 701, Kalaheo, HI 96741

Physical Address & Kauai Boutique:
The Shops at Kukui‘ula
2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka St. F-133
Koloa, HI 96756

Awards & Accomplishments

2009 Hawaii US Small Business Administration's Small Business Exporter of the Year Award

2008 US Department of Commerce Export Achievement Certificate

US Patent and Trademark Office Certificate of Registration